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US His 18

Nixon's name for middle Americans Silent majority
Reason Nixon tried to place conservative judges on the federal courts Southern strategy
Period of a stagnating economy and inflation Stagflation
Plan to help African Americans overcome past discrimination Affirmative action
Principle that the Pres. has the right to keep certain information to himself Executive privilege
Group that placed an oil embargo on the United States OPEC
Which Pres. believed that the people had tired of the "big government" of Johnson's Great Society? Richard Nixon
Nixon's "New Federalism" Federal money was given to states to fund social programs
Blue collar workers and southern whites Groups targeted by Nixon during his presidency to expand his base of supporters
United States v. Nixon Tape recordings of conversations in the Oval Office had to be turned over for review
Pres. Gerald Ford developed this plan to combat inflation? WIN
Served as governor of Georgia before becoming Pres. of US Jimmy Carter
The support of this group helped Jimmy Carter win the 1976 election. Christian fundamentalists
Anmesty The granting of forgiveness to draft dodgers
Preached to millions of TV viewers during the 70's Televangelists
Who granted Richard Nixon a pardon for his wrong doings while Pres. of the US Pres. Gerald Ford
Gerald Ford faced these issues when he became Pres. High inflation, skyrocketing prices, rising unemployment
Jimmy Carter's response to the nation's oil crisis Ask people to conserve oil
How did the population of the US change during the 70's? Immigrants form Latin American and Asia arrived
Basic rights every human being is entitled to have Human rights
Why did religious conservatives oppose the Supreme Court ruling in Row V. Wade Legalized abortion
Agreement between US an Soviets where they agreed to limit arms production SALT II
Refugees who leave their country by boat Boat people
Poor nations of Asia, Africa, and Latin America Developing world
Agreement between Egypt Pres. Anwar el-Sadat and Isreali prime minister Menochem Begin where Egypt formally recognized Isreal Camp David Accords
1975-US, Canada,European nations, and the Soviet Union agreed to support human rights Helsinki Accords
Central concern of Pres. Carter's foreign policy Expanding human rights in developing countries
Carter's greats foreign policy achievement The agreement between Egypt and Israel that occurred at Camp David
Iran hostage crisis Iranian radical students invaded US Embassy in Iran, took 66 Americans hostage because Pres. Carter allowed the Shah of Iran to enter the US for treatment of cancer.
Focus of Ford's policy/goal toward the Soviet Union Pursue detente
Scandal that lead to Nixon's resignation Watergate
Gerald Ford Became Pres. when Nixon resigned
To officially forgive Pardon
Jimmy Carter Elected Pres. with the support of many Christian fundamentalists-cast him self as a fresh face
Lead a group of fundamentalist Islamic clerics who took power in Iran in 1979 Ayatollah Khomeini
Proposed by Nixon to provide a guaranteed or minimum income to every American family Family Assistance Plan
Goal of Nixon's southern strategy Make the Republican party a powerful force in the South
Nixon was ordered to turn over his taped Oval Office conversation Result of United States v. Nixon
Reason Pres. Ford stressed openness in his speech after gaining Presidency To rebuild the public's trust in government
Gerald Ford continued... Nixon's foreign policy
Change in American society during the 1970's Many blue-collar workers moved to the Sunbelt
Carter's most controversial foreign policy decision Return Panama Canal Zone to Panama
In 1979, the US faced a hostage crisis In Iran
Established procedures for presidential succession 25th Amendment
Penalties Sanctions
Reflected Nixon's attitude toward "Big Government" Proposal for revenue sharing with the states
Nixon's southern strategy involved... Criticizing court ordered busing of school children
During Gerald Ford's term as Pres., Republican won many sears in this house of Congress House of Representatives
One way American society changed during the 1970's Divorce rate increased significantly
What caused the cooling of the US-Soviet relationship in the 1970's? Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
Migration of people from Cuba to United States Mariel boatlift
What Egypt agreed to do to achieve peace with isreal Formally recognize the nation of Isreal
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