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Conway Final

Study for Mrs. Conways Final

Which supreme court case challenged abortion laws in Texas? Roe vs. Wade
Which supreme court case's decision emphasized that no one is above the law? USA vs. Nixon
Which supreme court case adopted policy banning armbands? Tinker vs. Des Moines Public Schools
Which supreme court case showed the rights of the supreme court to declare acts of legislature? Marbury vs. Madison
Which supreme court case proved that the police can't take you into custody without notifying them their rights? Miranda vs. Arizona
Which supreme court case overturned Plessy vs. Ferguson? Brown vs. Board of Education Topeka
Which supreme court case established judicial review? Marbury vs. Madison
Which supreme court case proved that separate but equal schools violates the 14th amendment? Brown vs. Board of Education Topeka
Which supreme court case had to do with a president appointing judges to pack courts last minute? Marbury vs. Madison
The final decision of this case remains highly controversial today. Roe vs. Wade
Which supreme court case voided the Missouri compromise? Dred Scott vs. Sandford
Which supreme court case had a slave sue for his freedom based on the fact that he was on free territory? Dred Scott vs. Sandford
Which supreme court case stated that separate but equal public facilities was constitutional? Plessy vs. Ferguson
Which supreme court case gave women the right to get an abortion? Roe vs. Wade
Which supreme court case proved that students and teachers do not give up 1st amendment rights while in school? Tinker vs. Des Moines Public Schools
Thurgood Marshall was the chief lawyer of which supreme court case? Brown vs. Board of Education Topeka
Which supreme court case ensured that a person does not have to self incriminate themselves? Miranda vs. Arizona
Which supreme court case rejected the argument that segregation gave blacks an inferior status? Plessy vs. Ferguson
land The non man made materials that people combine to make something that satisfies our wants or needs.
labor This skills, knowledge and energy of people involved in making a product or service. "People Power"
capital man mad items such as tools or factories used to make a product.
wants to desire or need for a product or service
production combination of land, labor, and capital
distribution act of making a product or service available to people
consumption the act of using a good or product. satisfaction may only be temporary
economic system: traditional everyone works for the good of everyone else +made up by families
economic system: command you have little say, the government controls the FOP
economic system: market people have a say in economic decisions. most are made to make money
economic system: mixed a combination of multiple economies
what are the FOP land labor capital
medium of exchange what you give to get something else. currency
weakness of bartering very inconvenient
standard of value people understand the worth of an object or service when discussing money
store of value it is worth the same now, as it will be in 20 years
generally acceptable everyone is willing to take money for exchange of a product or service
easily counted and measured makes it easy to establish prices, keep track of value, profits and losses
durable lasts a long time, not easily destroyed
convenient easy to carry and use
cheap to produce cheap to make-materials
value of currency officially recognized as currency by the US government
supply the amount of a good or product that producers are willing to offer at different prices
law of supply as prices go down, supply goes down. as prices rise, supply rises
demand the amount of a product or service that a consumer is willing to purdchase
law of demand as prices go down, demand goes up. as prices go up, demand goes down
market price the price that a company and consumers agree on
need need for certain things, the government can control the prices
advertising way consumers can hear about a product or service
persuasive seeks to entice consumers into purchasing specific goods and services, often by appealing to their emotions and general sensibilities
informative provides hard data
negativity attacking competition becomes central
bandwagon "you need this to become part of a group"
scare tacticts this attempts to motivating people by fear
traditional wisdom stressing that things were better in the past
high brow gives the idea that the product is only for the most "elite" people
humorous makes people laugh, rather than shoqwing the product.
statistics legitimate science and data used to imress the consumer
testimonials individuals speak about their experiences
A.I.D.A. attention, interest, desire, and action
slogans words or phrases associated with the product
jingles phrases made to be sung and remembered
trademarks visual image associated with a product. effective anywhere it can be seen, this often times even appears noticeably on the product itself
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