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The Great Depression

What are the five causes of the Great Depression? 1.uneven distribution of wealth 2.international debt structure 3.declining exports 4.credit structure problems 5.lack of diversity in the American economy
What was the Emergency Banking Act? reopen banks after inspection
How do you describe a Hooverville? a makeshift shantytown community
Who was Theodore Roosevelt married to? Eleanor Roosevelt
What strength did Theodore posses? determination
How was Eleanor involved in his presidency? she helped him when he was in his wheelchair
What did the bonus army want? world war 1 veterans were promised a bonus 1945. the refused the veterans demands.
What's Black Tuesday? The day when the stock market crashed
What day was black Tuesday? Tuesday October 29,1929
What happened on black Tuesday? the stock market crashed in one day
what is the Agricultural adjustment act? was to reduce crop production by paying farmers
What is civilian conservation corps? was to conserve the nations natural resources
what is the industrial recovery board? was to help boost the declining prices of goods
what was the social securities act? it was old age benefits
what was works progress administration? was to provide grants for youth in exchange for work
During the depression, what was the percentage of the workforce that was employed? 25%
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