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2nd Semester - Asia

Air pollution Factories and automobiles create __ in urban areas in India and China
Autocracy Government system in which one person is in control, like North Korea
Bay of Bengal Body of water southeast of India
Buddhism Religion based upon the teachings of Buddha and the ultimate goal is to reach Enlightenment
Capital Goods Equipment, technology, factories, and supplies used in production
China Large country located south of Mongolia and northwest of India
Command Economy System in which economic decisions are made by the government
Communism The Korean and Vietnam Wars were fought to contain the spread of __
Communist In 1949, Mao became China's first __ leader
Confederation A loose organization of members who work toward a common goal but the members hold the power, like OPEC and the UN
Confucianism Philosophy about respect, tradition, social classes, and order; based upon the teachings of Confucius
Cultural Revolution Movement led by Mao and the Red Guard where any opposition to Mao and the Communists was eliminated
Daoism Belief in the balance of Yin and Yang
Democracy Voting and elections are the primary characteristic of this type of government system
Embargo A ban on trade for political reasons
Entrepreneur A person willing to take a risk to start a business, develop a new product, or provide a new service
Ethnic Group A group of people with a common history, traditions, language, beliefs, appearance, etc.
Exchange Rate A method of changing currency, like from a US dollar to a Saudi riyal
Federal System of government in which power is shared between the different levels or the different branches of government
Gandhi Led India to independence from the British through non-violent, civil disobedience
Ganges River River in India that begins in the Himalayas and flows southeast; polluted by sewage, human remains, and pesticides
Gobi Desert Desert located in northern China and Mongolia
Great Leap Forward Mao's plan to speed up China's economy by producing steel; it failed
Gross Domestic Product Total amount of money a country makes in a year from its production; investment in human capital increases it
Himalayas Mountain range covering Nepal that blocks moisture from traveling from India to China
Hinduism Religion found mainly in India where followers believe in reincarnation and worship many gods and goddesses
Ho Chi Minh Leader of communist Vietnam; led Vietnam to independence from the French
Huang He River in China with yellow loess; the loess (silt) creates fertile farmland
Human Capital Workers and their training, education, and skills
Independence Nationalism can lead countries to __, like in the cases of India and Vietnam
India Country located on a subcontinent surrounded by Pakistan, Nepal, the Bay of Bengal, and the Indian Ocean
Indian Ocean Body of water located south of India
Indonesia Island nation between Asia and Australia
Indus River River that flows from the Himalayas through Pakistan
Japan Island nation with few natural resources but valuable human capital and high GDP
Korean Peninsula Landform where North and South Korea are located
Literacy Rate The percentage of people that can read; when this increases, the GDP increases
Mao Zedong Leader of Communist China; took power in 1949
Market Economy Economic system in which individual's supply and demand control economic decisions
Mekong River River that flows through China, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam
Mixed Economy Economic system with both government control and individual freedom
Nationalism Feelings of pride and loyalty that can create a movement strong enough to bring about independence
Natural Resources Japan lacks ___, so the country must import many items for its population
North Korea Country that shares the Korean Peninsula with South Korea
Oligarchy Government system with a small group in control, like South Africa during apartheid
Parliamentary Democracy A system of government where the people elect representatives to the legislative branch and those representatives choose a Prime Minister
Pollution Pesticides, raw sewage, and human remains cause __ in many waterways
Presidential Democracy System of government in which people elect a leader of the executive branch
Quota A limit on the amount of imports a country will accept from another country
Religious Group Group of people with similar rituals and beliefs in God
Sea of Japan Body of water between the Korean Peninsula and Japan
Shintoism Religion found mainly in Japan; nature, ancestors, and Kami are part of the belief system
South China Sea Body of water between Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines
South Korea Democratic country on the Korean Peninsula
Specialization When a country produces a particular type of item for sale, like Japan's technology or Saudi Arabia's oil
Taklimakan Desert Desert in western China crossed by Marco Polo's caravan
Tariff A tax on imported goods
Three Gorges Dam Hydroelectric dam built to control flooding along the Yangtze and to produce power for China
Tiananmen Square Sight of a student uprising in 1989; "Tank Man" stood up for democracy against the Communist government
Traditional Economy Economic system based upon customs long held in a tribe or community
Unitary System of government with control focused in the central government
Viet Cong Communist group led by Ho Chi Minh and won the Vietnam War
Vietnam Country bordered by Laos and Cambodia on the west
World War II The US helped to rebuild Japan following __ to establish a democratic government and an ally in the east
Yangtze River China's longest river; flows from the Plateau of Tibet to southeast China
Yellow Sea Body of water between China and the Korean Peninsula
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