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Amercian Revolution

Test on Wed. 21 of May 2014

What are the decisions of the Second Continental Congress? Appointed G. Washington as commander-chief. Massachusetts minutemen, became Continental Army. Olive Branch Petition (a request for peace) was rejected by King George III.
Why was taking Fort Ticonderoga important? It was important because the Americans capture British Fort. They take all of the British weapons...mostly of which are cannons
Why is Bunker Hill known as a tragic victory for British, but a confident loss for Americans? Over 1,000 British soldiers died in this battle and the Americans only lost because they ran out of ammunition.
What happened to the British troops and loyalists after the battle of Dorchester Heights? They were forced to leave Boston and fled to Canada.
Vacab: Olive Branch Petition Petition that was adopted by the Continental Congress in July 1775 in an attempt to avoid a full-blown war with Great Britain.
Who is Thomas Paine? Author of Common Sense....sold 500,000 copies. He believed that the 13 colonies should no longer be ruled by England...there would be economic freedom; and right to military self-defense.
Who is John Adams? From Massachusetts, for independence, and introduces Declaration committee...had the loudest voice.
Who is Ben Franklin? From Pennsylvania, for independence, and serves on declaration committee.
Who is Richard Henry Lee? From Virginia, for independence, and proposes independence to the congress.
Who is Thomas Jefferson? From Virginia, for independence, and writes Declaration of Independence.
Who is John Dickinson? From Pennsylvania, against independence, doesn't sign Declaration of Independence...supports a loyalist view.
Who is Edward Rutledge? From South Carolina, against independence at first...wanted to keep slavery because they are property, and wants to get rid of slavery from the Declaration of Independence.
Who is John Hancock? From Massachusetts, for independence, and president of the 2nd Continental Congress.
Why did the decision of independence have to be unanimous? So that it would prevent civil wars, and they had to work together and no tensions or rebellions will raise.
Why did the role of slavery affect the decision on independence? If slavery wasn't taken out of the Declaration of Independence, North and South Carolina wouldn't agree to it so they would not be able to become independent.
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
What 2 truths does the Declaration of Independence say are self-evident? All men are created equal and are endowed with certain inalienable rights
What 3 inalienable rights does Jefferson state that all people have? Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
What does Thomas Jefferson think people have the right to do if the government doesn't protect their rights? That whenever any Form of Government does not allow for the 3 inalienable rights, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government
Give 2 things King George III is charged with in the Declaration of Independence. Repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.
How did King George III, Parliament, and the English people react to the colonists petitions? They have ignored and turned down all speak of independence and stated this is treason.
Give 3 powers the new United States now claimed since it was independent. levy war, conclude peace, and contract alliances and conduct commerce
What did the 55 signers (Founding Fathers) pledge to show their support for the Declaration of Independence? They pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred Honor.
Where did the British Army reenter the Colonies for war? New York
What happened during Washington's Crossing? In the middle of the night, General Washington and 2,400 soldiers silently rowed across the ice-clogged Delaware River from PA to NJ and then marched to Trenton. Bad weather conditions delayed their march and they arrived later than they had hoped.
What happened during the Battle of Trenton? The Patriots surprised the Hessians who were still sleeping after a night of partying and forced their surrender. (Arrived in Trenton on Dec 26, 1776)
What happened at the Battle of Princeton? G. Washington lead another sneak attack against the British and won. (January 2, 1777)
Why was the Battle of Saratoga a turning point for the Continental Army? The Americans got foreign help from France after winning by showing that they could defeat the British and had a chance to win the war.
What were at least 4 conditions of the Valley Forge winter encampment in Pennsylvania? People were dying of disease, it was cold, limited amount of food and weapons (including ammunition), no blankets or anything to keep harm with, and had very limited amount of clothing.
What was the importance of the Battle of Vincennes? To show Americans they can trust their foreign allies.
What were the 2 major southern cities that were seized by the British? Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina.
What happened at the Battle of Cowpens? The Americans defeated the British in South Carolina by placing militia on the front lines, followed by a retreat to the hill where the hiding Contiental Army performed a second volley and surpised the British who were forced to retreat.
What happens at the Battle of Yorktown? The combined American/French forces blocked Cornwallis's escape routes inland while the French navy controlled the sea. The inland forces then performed a seige of Cornwallis's troops until he was forced to surrender.
What were the new borders of the U.S. determined by the Treaty of Paris? North- Up to Maine South- Down almost to Florida East- Every part of coastline stopping at Florida. West- All the way until the end of Minnesota
Where was the Battle of Trenton located? New Jersey
Where was the Battle of Saratoga located? New York
Where was the Battle of Yorktown located? Virginia
Where was the Battle of Vincennes located? Indiana
Where was Valley Forge Encampment located? Pennsylvania
Where was the Siege of Charleston located? South Carolina
Created by: rster147