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Geo unit 12

What is considered big but small? Both a continent and a country, and its the 6th largest nation but smallest.
What is The first Australians according to science; They crossed a land bridge from South East Asia to Australia 50,000 years ago? Aborigines
What did Captain James Cook do? He lands on the cost and claims the land for Britain.
What year did Nearly 160,000 British people migrated to Australia? 1770-1850
What happened in WWII? A group arrived from Italy, and Greece to come to Australia.
What is an urban rim? This is the Center of Australian life.
What is the oldest and largest city in Australia, population is 4.6 million people as in 2011? Sydney
it have a tremendous __________? Harbor
Sydney is a festival city and the city has numerous what? music festivals and fine arts.
What year was the Olympics in? 2000
What is the 2nd largest city? Melbourne
What is the national capital? Canberra
The government was modeled after who? Britain
What is the worlds largest coral reef system. It can be seen from outer space, and its other claim to fame is that its the worlds biggest structure created by organisms? Great Barrier Reef
What was the closest city to Asia and has tons of immigration from there? Darwin
This city was bombed by who in WWII? Japan
The original inhabitants of ________ were the __________ and they valued the environment and had fragile nature. Australia, and Aborigines.
What year was the Gold Rush? 1851
What is a Australia's harsh wilderness region of the central and Western plains? Outback
What is a well that is drilled deep enough to tap a layer of porous material that is filled with ground water. Artesian well.
How long is the Pacific ocean? 70 Million Square Miles.
What are Geysers? A hot spray that contains jets of steam; that has heated water that shoots into the air.
What was Maori's name? The name was Polynesian descent.
What happened in 1769? European settlers came into the nation.
What two cultures are a mix in New Zealand? European and Polynesian!
1996 court ruling was wrongfully taken and they owe what? land and money!
New Zealand exports 1/4 of what fruit? Kiwi
What are two urban cities? Auckland and Christchurch.
What are some Pacific Islands? Fiji, Samoa, and the Marshall Islands.
What are two many exports of New Zealand? Coconuts and Pineapples.
Many nations began independence in what years? 60's and 70's.
New Zealand heavily rely's on what? tourism.
Created by: Hunter Ross
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