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US History

Test Prep 2

A shift from "necessary evil" to a "positive good" using justification such as the Bible Southern Response to Slavery
border dispute between US and Mexico Cause of Mexican War
a potato famine in Ireland and a failed German revolution led to this Irish and German Immigration to the US
Amendment to the Mexican War appropriations bill Property acquired from Mexico could not have slavery Wilmot Proviso
doctrine stated the status of slavery should be determined by the settlers who lived there Popular Sovereignty
wanted land to be available for white people to settle away from slavery Free Soil/Free Labor
states rights believers thought the new territory had no federal control federal government supporters said Congress had the power to make laws for the territories Federal power won based on Missouri Compromise Mexican Cession and Slavery
miners who rushed to California for gold "Forty Niners" because the rush happened in 1848 Gold Rush
located in the North value surpassed agriculture US technology exceeded Europe in areas such as rubber, coal power, mass production, and telegraph Industry by 1850
increased harvest sizes, selling to international markets, railroad used to transport goods, John Deere Agriculture by 1850
California admitted as free state New Mexico and Utah popular sovereignty Slave trade abolished in D.C. Fugitive Slave act passed Federal payment to Texas ($10 million) for losing New Mexico Compromise of 1850 (Omnibus Bill)
required enforcement which had previously been ignored paid $10 per returned slave Fugitive Slave Act
organized the area west of Missouri and Iowa two territories to be created with popular sovereignty Kansas-Nebraska Act
failure of the Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Co. in New York over-speculation in railroads and lands decrease flow of European capital because of European wars Financial panic spreads to Europe, South America, and the Far East Causes and Impact of the Panic of 1857
a slave taken from a slave state to a free state Supreme Court ruled he did not have the right of citizenship and was still property All African Americans deemed inferior and without rights Dred Scott V. Sandford
first debate on slavery Lincoln-Douglas Debate
railroads given land movement of goods West and materials East Transportation from 1860-1900
response to the election of Lincoln South Carolina the first to leave Secession
Started in the South in 1862 because of a lack of manpower Passed in North in 1863 Caused riots and people avoiding service by paying $300 Conscription/Draft
Troops fighting from home highly qualified leaders Inspired to protect families Civil War Advantages for the South
larger population Better railroad lines and trade routes more money Civil War Advantages for the North
strategy of the North to crush South included shutting off ports and squeezing South into submission Anaconda Plan
granted 160 acres of land to any person who would improve it for 5 years Homestead Act
Union General McClellan found Southern General Lee's plans for operation, but ignored them. Lee's army was forced to retreat after bloody battle. McClellan's failure to pursue Lee led Lincoln to remove him Battle of Antietam
declared all slaves free in areas controlled by the Confederacy, did not abolish slavery, increased morale in North Emancipation Proclamation
Southern General Lee defeated in the bloodiest, most decisive battle of the civil War, Farthest Northern advance of the Confederacy Battle of Gettysburg
Ironclad war ships, no winner in battle, but new way of building war ships still used today Monitor (Union) and Merrimack (Confederacy)
Southern States returned with "malice toward none, with charity for all." When 10% of those registered to vote took the oath promising loyalty to Union and an end to slavery, they could form a state government, Congress rejected this plan 10% Plan
Required 50% of state's voters take a loyalty oath to be readmitted to the Union, Lincoln vetoed bill Wade-Davis Bill
General Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House End of the Civil War
rebuilding following Civil War Reconstruction
Congressional support agency providing food, clothing, and education for freed slaves Freedman's Bureau
Abolished slavery in the US 13th Amendment
African Americans became citizens and allowed life, liberty, and due process of the law 14th Amendment
Voters could be of any race, color, or previous condition of servitude 15th Amendment - Black Suffrage
intended to replace Slave Codes, prohibited meetings without a white person present, established segregated public facilities Black Codes
laws separating whites and African Americans in public facilities and restricting the right to vote Jim Crow Laws
purchase of Alaska for $7.2 million from Russia Congress agreed because Russia had been pro-Union most people thought purchase foolhardy since the land was in such a remote location Seward's Folly
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