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Civil War

4th Grade Unit

Civil War Civilian War it Citizen War
North Industrial-factories-small farms-big cities
South Large plantations-King Cotton
Territory An area of land that belongs to a government
Abolitionists Persons who are against slavery
Tariff A tax on goods
Cotton Gin A machine invented by Eli Whitney that took seeds out of cotton
Missouri Compromise of 1820 A law passed by congress created an imaginary line from east to west through the Louisiana territory allowing slavery in some area and outlawing slavery in others
State Rights The belief that each state should be allowed to make its own decision about issues affecting it
Fugitive Slave Law Passed in congress that required police in free states to help capture escaping slaves
Uncle Tom's Cabin A book written by Harriet Beecher Stowe that made the people understand the atrocities of slavery. The book protested the Fugitive Slave Law- sold 3,000
Underground Railroad A network of people who would risk breaking the law to hide runaway slaves
John Brown Held a gun in one hand and a bible in another. A strong believer in no slavery and he raided the town of Harper's Ferry- captured the U.S. arsenal freed slaves and captured plantation owners- Robert E Lee captured him.
John Brown 2 He was hanged and was known as Martyr for the North
Bleeding Kansas Many people died in fighting wether there should be slavery in Kansas or not
Missouri Compromise of 1850 Allowing people in the territories to decide slavery for themselves and obtaining the North's agreement to obey the Fugitive Slave Law
Martyr A person dies or goes to jail for a cause
Dred Scott Decision Supreme Court decision that said slaves were private property
Northern U.S.A- Union- blue Abe Lincoln Pres. (Washington D.C.-capitol)
Southern C.S.A Confederate-gray- Jefferson Davis -Pres. Richmond, Va (capitol)-100 miles apart
November 6, 1860 Lincoln elected as president- close race
December 22, 1860 South Carolina seceded from the Union and 8 more states followed
March 4, 1861 Lincoln took office
April 12, 1861 Civil War began at Fort Sumter in S.C- first shots by the confederates
Secede To break away from a group
Facts on Battles All Civil War battles fought in the South except for two. North named its battles after a stream or run- South named it after the nearest town
Merrimac South Ironclad ship
Monitor North Ironclad ship
Emancipation Proclamation January 1, 1863- President Lincoln declared that all slaves were free men
Created by: gdumas
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