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7th Grade History

Chapter 17

Emancipation Proclamation issued by Lincoln on January 1, 1863 to free the slaves in a state in rebellion against the US (11 states)
Why did Lincoln hesitate to free the slaves? 1. He did not want to anger the 4 slave states in the union 2. He did not believe he had the power under the Constitution 3. He knew many northerners did not support emancipation and he did not want to further divide the country
copperhead northern democrat who favored peace with the south
conscription law that required men to serve in the military or be drafted
bounty a reward or cash payment given by the government
income tax tax on earnings. established in 1861 to help pay for the war
greenback paper currency issued by the Federal government during the civil
Clara Barton she organized a relief agency to help with the war effort. Founder of the American Red Cross
writ of habeas corpus can't hold citizens without a trial
law of conscription this required men to serve in the military. Also know as the draft
Dorothy Dix led about 300 nurses in the North...army nursing core
Harriet Tubman was a spy for the North along the coast of South Carolina
Belle Boyd was a spy for the South. She was arrested 6 times and sent messages from her jail cell by placing them in a rubber ball and throwing them out the window
What was the name of one of the worst prison camps in the North? Elmira, New York
What was the name of one of the worst prison camps in the South? Andersonville, Georgia
Fredericksburg December 1862; Fredericksburg, VA; Most one sided battle of the Civil War...won by Confederates. Burnside vs. Lee
Chancellorsville May, 1863; Chancellorsville, VA; Lee suffers 10,000 casualties and the loss of his best general...Stonewall Jackson
Lee invades the North hoping a confederate victory might do what? 1. Force Lincoln to move men from the west to defend Washington DC 2. Fuel Northern content for the war and put pressure on Lincoln to end the war 3. gain European diplomatic recognition and European aid
Created by: HOMSSeminar