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Socil studys notes


Samuel F.B. Morse in 1832 perfected the telegraph.
Telegraph a device that could send information over wires across great distances.
Alfred Lewis delveloped morse code.
Morse code different combination of dots and dashs that repersents a different letter of the alphabet.
Note in 1850s miles of telegraph lines where added each year.
Note At start of industrail revolution most of facteries where powered by water but in time factery owners started useing steam power.
Note people who used steam powerd facteries started to move the facteris closer to citys reduceing shipping prices and lowering workers wages and esay acses for workers.
Note people from rural areas and forigen nations flocked to cites for factery jobs.
John Deere in 1837 blacksmith john deere created a steel blade plow for hard soil for farmers.
Cyrus McCormick in 1831 Cyrus McCormick developed a new harvesting machine called the reaper that could cut quickly and effincently cut down wheat.
Elias Howe invented the sewing machine.
Isaac Singer imporved the sewing machine.
Note companies started using credits for items and mass produicing house hold and work tools.
Note prices of items which costed more before the revolotuin were cheaper after words. Examples of items-Clocks,safty pins.
Created by: nickodo1