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bull market stock market prices go up
bear market stock market prices go down
deficit spending new deal=debt after fdr leaves
welfare state gov.=in charge of economic security
new deal pollocies by fdr to end great depression
fdic social security and exchange commision still exist
tennessee valley authority builds electricity for tennessee dam
wpa gives people jobs
social security act takes parts of wages so you can have them when you retire
stock market crash started the great depression
election of 1932 and 1936 32-36 fdr won by landslide vs hoover
hundred days special sessions of congress
herbert hoover(depression) blamed for not ending depression
fdr(depression) newdeal and election of 42
john steinbeck grapes of wrath
bonus army soldiers who protested for their money back
bank run everyone rushed to the bank to save their money
dust bowl hurt the great plains
fireside chats fdr would talk live on the radio for announcements
purpose of new deal(3 r's) relief recovery feform
appeasement giving in to keep peace
rationing controlling amount of goods given
internment forced imprisonment
genocide wipe out a race
lend lease act involved but not fighting
selective training and service act 1st peace time draft
battle of britain raf won and had radars
december 7 1941 pearl harbor
june 6 1944 d day(biggest invasion in history)success
december 1944 battle of the bulls
may 8 1945 victory in europe
hiroshima and nagasaki atomic bombs
august 15 1945 japan surrenders
winston churchhill leader of britain
fdr(ww2) 4x elected but died b4 war was over
joseph stalin dictator of russia
macaurthur(ww2) general of pacific theater
munich confrence metting that determined who got what parts of germany and made peace
axis powers germany and japan
manhattan project atomic bomb
cold war us and soviets compete for world power
containment stop expansion of communism
red scare americans feared the communists in russia
black listing refusing to hire a person
massive retaliation use threatsof nuclear war to stop the overall war
brinkmanship willingness to go to the brink of war to force the other side to back down
truman doctrine contain the spread of communism by aiding countries in need
marshall plan help aid countries affected by ww2
gi bill lowered intrest rates on loans
federal highway act highway that goes through the whole country
berlin airlift flew food to berlin during a blockade
korean war war btween n and s korea
u2 incident a spy plane that was shot down
truman(ww2) refussed to let communism spread
marshall(ww2) secretary of state
mac arthur(ww2) made fun of truman and was fired after reigning 7 yrs in china
rosenberg couple spys who were executed
senator mc carthy created mc carthyism and accused people of communism
south korea(seoul) the usa supports them
north korea(pyongyang) soviet satillites(ruled by russia)
moscow ussr capital of russia
satillite nations small places rulled by ussr
iron curtain btween russia and soviet union
nato made peace
warsaw pact aliance with eastern europe because nato allowed germany to have arms
huaac held hearings to find communists
sputnik first space shuttle in space
nonviolent resistence mlkj believed that peacefullness is the only way
filibuster keep talking until rioters leave
brown vs board of edjucation ended racial segregation in public schools
civil rights act of 1964 outlawed descrimination in house sales and rentals
central high crisis 9 black kids who got to go to an all white school
july 20 1969 man on the moon with apollo 11
khrushchev(brt) fell from power after cuban missle crisis
johnson(brt) signed voting rights act of 1965
mlkj i had a dream speach
space race russia vs. usa into space
great society lyndon b johnson
seperate but equal reversed by the brown vs board of edjucation case
domino theory if 1 country becomes communist all the surrounding 1s do the same
guerillas warfare
detente better relationship with ussr
executive privilage tape recording white house meetings
embargo u sell to a certain country
stagflasion stagnant inflation
gulf of tolken resolution ended gulf of tonken
26th amendment lowered the voting age
camp david accords vacation location for president
gulf of tolken incedent what started the vietnam war
tet offensive vietmanize new year attack
election of 1968 nixon
my lai massacre many inocent vietmanize people were killed by accident
kent state university 4 students shot on campus
christmas bombings promise no war but they lied
january 27 1973 paris peace accords signed
watergate men working for nixon robbed a federal place
nixons resignation about to be impeached
fall of saigon n korea was captured
iran hostage crisis many americans were taken hostage in iran for 444 days
ho chi minh apart of congress and was against communism
ngo dinhdiem leader of s vietnam
rfk assasinated
nixon(nam) resigned
humphrey vice president for johnson
kissinger head of national security and supreme court
ford short presidency
carter won on 2nd try against ford
vietcong army for vietnam
ho chi minh trail laos supply road
napalm machine to cut down obstacles in vietnam forests
agent orange acid poured on vietnam forests to expose hiding places
hawks and doves war and peace
pow prison of war
mia missing in action
vietnamization help vietnambe non communist but we failed
opec arabia would export petroleum
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