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– belief in one god1. MONOTHEISM
a system of government in which citizens vote to make governmental decisions 2. DEMOCRACY
A Muslim house of worship 3. MOSQUE
believe unfairly that all people or things with a particular characteristic are the same 4. STEREOTYPE
The action of buying and selling goods and services 5. TRADE
Belief in many gods 6. POLYTHEISM
To encompass the history of the human race from the earliest times to the present in all place on Earth 7. WORLD HISTORY
The way people manage money and resources for the production of goods and services 8. ECONOMY
A branch of Christianity that developed in the western Roman Empire and that recognized the Pope as its supreme head 9. ROMAN CATHOLICISM
Of ,pertaining to, or designating a city or town 10. URBAN
a group of people organized or classified by rank and authority 11. HIERARCHY
relating to the system of tracing descent through the males of the family 12. PATRILINEAL
A religion based on the teachings of Jesus as recorded in the New Testament 13. CHRISTIANITY
Relating to the system of tracing descent through the females of the family 14. MATRILINEAL
System of beliefs and behaviors based on the teachings of Confucius 15. CONFUCIANISM
A branch of Christianity that developed in the Byzantine Empire and that did not recognize the Pope as its supreme leader 16. EASTERN ORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY
Any form of money being used as a medium of exchange 17. CURRENCY
A group of persons forming a minority in disagreement with the larger group 18. FACTION
The way of life of a group of people at a particular time, including their daily habits, beliefs and arts 19. CULTURE
Religion based on the teachings of Muhammad that believes in one god, Allah 20. ISLAM
A believer in Islam 21. MUSLIM
A succession of rulers from the same family 22. DYNASTY
A belief system based on the teachings of Laozi 23. DAOISM
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