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EOC Swanson HHS

At the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, who was concerned with Germany threatening their national security? Great Britain and France
The (blank) revolution cause the Western Front to become the focus of WWI. Bloshevik
The main cause of the Peterograd Uprising (the began of the Russian Revolution) was Severe Food Shortages
In WWI, dirigibles (blimps) were used to gather what? Information on enemy movement
In the Zimmerman telegram, Germany promised who what if they would assist in the war? Mexico was promised U.S territory
Bloody Sunday, WWI, Czar Nicholas' avocation, and the assassination of the Romnof family led to The Russian Revolution
Whose currency lost value after WWI because of the payment of reparations? Germany's
Vladimir Lenin's ideology during the Bolshevik Revolution Authoritarian rule to implement communism
Woodrow Wilson proposed what? The League of Nations
The colonies of what powers helped supple the needed troops for the war effort? European
Ending secret alliances was one of who's goals for peace? Woodrow Wilson
The "Plamer Raids" (1919-1920) targeted Communist radicals
Trenchwarfare resulted in A prolonged stalemate
What increased casualties in WWI? Trenchwarfare
Who were the "powder keg of Europe" and why? The Balkans because of nationalistic rivalries resulting in combat
What revolution forced Czar Nicholas II to advocate? The March Revolution (1917)
The 1st Battle of the Marne halted German advancement into what city? Paris
One major effect of WWI on Europe? Change in political boundries
The outbreak of the Russian Revolution was the result of WWI
The assassination of which archduke resulted in WWI why? Frans Fredinand of Austria Hungry because it increased tensions between the allies in Western and Eastern Europe
Germany had economic difficulties from 1923-1933 because Restriction of the Treaty of Versailles
What caused new strategies for fighting in WWI? New weapons technology
The treaty that Russia withdrew WWI with was The Treaty of Brest-Laitovsk
Woodrow Wilson's goal during the Paris Peace Conference A just and lasting peace
Which front in WWI was ended quicker because of Russia's leadership withdrawing it from the war? Eastern Front
1905- "Bloody Sunday" was in St. Petersberg and due to what? Workers' prtest
The Gallipoli Campaign was what? The Allies attempt to establish a supply line to Russia
What plan was an effort to solve Germany's inability to pay the war reparations? The Dawes Plan
Article 231 of the War Guilt Clause contributed to what? Germany's economical difficulty after WWI
Italy and Germany developed a (blank) government before WWI. Fascist system
Extreme nationalism and militarism and one man dictatorship rule is what kind of government? Fascism
The Allied invasion of Normandy (June 6, 1944) is a turning point of WWII because It positioned Allied Forces to begin the Western Europe Campaign
What battle resulted in U.S. armored divisions beginning to drive toward Berlin in WWII? "The Battle of the Bulge" (Dec 1944- Feb 1945)
Japaneses Prime Minister Togo advocated the use of what to guarantee the national security of Japan? Force
What led to Adolf Hitler's arrest and imprisonment in 1923? The Beer Hall Putsch
The partisan of what two countries in 1947 was due to difference in religious beliefs? India and Pakistan
Adolf Hitler claimed Germany had become over crowded and needed more le bensraum (living space) to do what? To justify expanding Germany's borders
The strategy of "Island Hopping" was developed by the Allies against who? Japan
The most significant turning point in the Pacific War "The Battle of Midway"
Adolf Hitler eliminated what in order to gain control over Germany? Political Oppression
Japanese Admiral Yamomoto organised the attack against (blank). Pearl Harbor
(Blank) on London caused significant civilian casualties in England. German bombing raids
Who was the commander of the D-day invasion? Dwight D. Eisenhower
Blitzkrieg (lighting war) is what? Fast airplanes and tanks followed by massive infantry forces
After WWI, the Weimer Germany struggled to develop what? A stable government
What forced Germany too relinquish the reign of Alsace-Lorraine? The Treaty of Versailles
How did Germany initiate WWII? Invading Poland
Japan's invasion of (blank) was based in part on a part of racial superiority. Manchuria (in China)
The German government began promoting a program to rebuild the military as a response to what in the early 1930s? High unemployment
Which two countries invasions were similar because the both sought to gain territory through military force? Japan's invasion of China and Germany's of Europe
The Gestapo in Nazi Germany... Persecuted political enemies and religious groups
What happened to the Reichstag that was a major step in Adolf Hitler's rise to power? It was burned
Germany's use of Blitzkrieg tactics when invading the Soviet Union is a reason for what? The high number of military casualties in the Soviet Union
What turned the tide in favor of the Allies in WWII? The Normandy landing victory of 1944
One purpose of the U.S.'s "Island Hopping" was to... move land base bombers within range of Japan
Whose New Economic Policy allowed moderate capitalism? Lenin
The Brown Shirts were what? A paramilitary organization of the Nazi movement
During the 1930s, the rise of (blank) was helped by the wide spread sentiment that the political order that followed WWI was unjust. Totalitariansim
Radar helped England what? Defend itself against German air attacks with a 20 minute warning
Joseph Stalin carried out a campaign of terror against other communist party leader in 1930s. What was its name? "Great Purge"
Stalin's first 5 Year Plan deported who to Siberia for refusing the Collectivization Program? wealthy farmers called Kuiaks
What was known mainly for its brutality to civilians? The Gestapo
Tensions increased between who due to competition to declare Korea a colony? France and Great Britain
The U.S. victory in the Battle of Okinawa resulted in the US being able to.. prepare an invasion of Japan's mainland
Stalin's main accomplishment in the 1920s The industrialization of the Soviet Union
Which General was the commander responsible for Allies in the Pacific? General Douglas McArthur
At the beginning of WWII, who urged its Allies to launch a military offensive against Germany from Western Europe to force Germany to fight on two major fronts? the Soviet Union
What was the greatest mobilization of land and sea forces in history that occurred in WWII? The Landing (Battle) of Normandy
Japan seized territories with valuable resources in the 1930s in order to what? To correct the effects of the Great Depression
What was Cold War technology that was used to provide instantaneous communication? The Arpanet (internet in 1981)
What is SALT 1 and what did it result in? The Strategic Arms Limitation Talks; resulted in reduction of the possibility a conflict could escalate to nuclear war
The (blank) prevented the spread of communism in foreign countries. The Truman Doctrine (containment)
SEATO (1954) was created to protect Asia. What was it to protect Asia from and what does SEATO stand for? It was to prevent the spread of communism and promote stability in Asia: Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
Corruption in the Cuban national government helped enable who to seize power in Cuba? Fidel Castro
1955- Soviet Union and it's satellite countries created the (blank), a military alliance to counter/offset NATO. Warsaw Pact
NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, was formed to protect who from what? It was formed to protect Western Europe from the Soviet Union.
The Berlin Blockade (1948-1949) increased tension in the (blank). Cold War
What was an important factor in the Cold War because it was viewed by the U.S. as a direct challenge to the stability of Europe? The Berlin Blockade
Why is their a dispute between China and Taiwan that started in 1949 and goes on today? In part to Taiwan seeking recognition as an independent country.
What conference fostered suspicion and distress among leaders? The Yalta Confernce
The Yalta Conference led to an agreement on the division of what country into 4 zones between the Soviets, French, British, and Americans? Germany
Why was Korea divided into two countries after WWII? Because of communist ideology
The (blank) won the Chinese civil War because they had the support of the majority of the peasants. Communist
In President Eisenhower's farewell speech, he said the influence of the military industrial complex was... dangerous to American liberty
Eastern Europe was a what of the Soviet Union during the Cold War? "sphere of influence"
Nuclear testing by what country during the Cold War led to increase tensions between USA and USSR? The United States
What revolution caused the economic and educational systems in China to become unstable? The Chinese Cultural Revolution
Pakistan helped found SEATO to gain what? Widespread support for its conflict with India
The Cold War began in (blank). Europe
What resulted in Germany being divided into occupational zones? The Potsdam
Art forms in the renaissance included, realism, perspective, and what? Humanism- the potential and achievement of the individual
Who was the artist that made "David", "Pieta", and painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? Michelangeo
Machiavelli wrote "The Prince" an analysis of what? Political power (what is it?, how do you get it?, how do you keep it?)
The Reformation was the movement to reform what important aspect of life? The Catholic Church
Who started the Reformation because of his views on indulgences and posted his 95 theses on the door of a church? Martin Luther
What did Martin Luther believe? Salvation based on faith alone
John Calvin preached the idea of (blank). Predestination
Democracy is based on the ideas of this man who also believed in natural rights. John Locke
What did Thomas Hobbes contribute in the Enlightenment? Rule of Law
Jean Jacques Rousseau came up with 3 ideas. Name them. "Social contract", power from the people, right to change government
Who created the idea of separation of powers and checks & balances? Montesquieu
The French Revolution led to the Reign of Terror which was led by which group of people under Maximullum Robspierre? Committee of Public Safety
What are the factors of production? Land, labor, and capital
The Industrial Revolution began in England
The Agricultural Revolution produced more food, more people, and more labor for which revolution? Industrial Revolution
Which industry was the first to experience the Industrial Revolution? The Textile Industry
What is Cecil Rodes associated with? Imperialism
What did the Berlin Conference (1888-1885) deide? How to peacefully divide Africa
Who wrote "The White Man's Burden"? Rudgyard Kipling
Created by: mady.taylor0202
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