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Illinois Constitutio

Study guide for Illinois Constitution test

Illinois was made a state in what year? 1818
How many state capitals has Illinois had? 3
What is the current capital of Illinois? Springfield
What do the Illinois constitution and the United States constitution have in common? Bill of Rights
If the governor vetoes a bill, how can it still become a law? 3/5 vote in each house
Can the General assembly be called into special session? yes
Who is the commander in chief of the Illinois state militia? The governor
What it the governor's term of office? 4 years
Who may veto a bill? The governor
How old must the governor be? 35 years
How old must voters be? 18 years
How many counties are in Illinois? 102
Is a school district considered a special purpose district? No
What is the largest city in Illinois? Chicago
How many members does the Illinois House of Representatives have? 118
How many members does the Illinois Senate have? 59
What are the two parts of the General Assembly? House and Senate
What is the term for a member of the House? four years
What is the term for a member of the Senate? two years
Where do the House and the Senate meet? Springfield
Which part of the General Assembly has female members? Both
Which part of the General Assembly is elected by the people? Both
Who is the current governor of Illinois? Bruce Rauner
What it the highest level of court in Illinois? Supreme
Who becomes governor if the Governor dies? Lieutenant Governor
What river makes up the westerly border of Illinois? Mississippi River
What county do we live in? Champaign
Who is the superintendent of our school district? Andrew Larson
Who is the Lieutenant Governor of Illinois? Evelyn Sanguinetti
Who is the Attorney General of Illinois? Lisa Madigan
Who is the Secretary of State of Illinois? Jesse White
Who is the Comptroller of Illinois? Leslie Geissler Munger
Who is the Treasurer of Illinois? Michael Frerichs
I am used to make strong cabinets and can grow to be 100 feet high. White Oak
My petals are edible and I grow in sun, shade and in Ms. Meline's yard. Blue Violet
I am a mineral that can be violet, blue, green, yellow, brown, pink, or blue black in color. Flourite
I am a folk dancing tradition in the United States recorded as early as 1651. Square Dance
Mr. Francis Tully first found me in 1958. Tully Monster
I eat insects, crayfish and small fish and snails. Be careful when you touch my back, I could cut you! Bluegill
I once covered Illinois' true prairies. My nickname is "Turkey Foot." Big Bluestem
I eat tender shoots, leaves and twigs of shrubs and trees. Your mom or dad might hunt me, or may have hit one of my friends with their car! White-tailed Deer
I have a wingspan of 3 and 1/2 to 5 inches and in the Spring, I lay eggs on milkweed. Monarch Butterfly
I eat insects, grains, wild fruits and seeds as well as kick Cub behind. Cardinal
Created by: melinej


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