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Am History ch 1-3

Am History Christ in the Americas ch 1-3 Part III

Faithful soldier and chronicler of Cortes Bernal Diaz
Town, allied to Montezuma, where Diaz mentioned "100,000 skulls" in their temple. Zocotlan
Town that attacked Cortes, but was beaten and later asked to be allies. Tlaxcala
Town that planned to massacre the Spaniards, but were betrayed by the chief's wife who told Marina, the Spaniard's interpreter. Cholula
Night when half Cortes' army was killed while trying to escape from the Aztec's capitol. Noche Triste or "night of sorrows"
Great battle against the Aztec host where Spaniards were out-numbered maybe 20 to one, and where the Spaniards triumphed anyway. Battle of Otumba
Leader of the Spanish captains that tried to mutiny against Magellan on several occasions during his voyage around the world. Juan de Cartagena
The islands reached by Magellan, where he is said to have circumnavigated the globe, and where her was killed. Philipenes
Leader of the 12 Franciscans who walked to Mexico City in 1524 to minister to the Indians. Fray Martin de Valencia
Man sent by Cortes to conquer Honduras, but who rebelled and tried to set up his own rule there Cristobal de Olid
First bishop of Mexico and named Protector of the Indians of Mexico by the Pope. Juan de Zumarraga
Appointed to be chairman of the Audiencia (commission) by Charles I to rule New Spain, and a slave trader Nuno de Guzman
The title given to the Blessed Mother for her apparition and miracle of 1531 Our Lady of Guadalupe
Number of Indians baptized in the 17 years after the apparition of Mary at Guadalupe in 1531... 9 million
The first viceroy to rule New Spain, after the Audiencias work was done. Don Antonio de Mendoza
Man who commanded an expedition to Florida where all but 4 men were lost. Panfilo Narvaez
Leader of the 4 surviving men from the Florida expedition that failed in 1517, and who passed on the legend of the cities of gold. Alvar nunez Cabeza de Vaca
Spanish leader who searched for "Quivera", where there was much gold, but instead explored much of Texas and New Mexico. Coronado
Also looking for gold this man took his expedition through Georgia, Ala, Miss, and Tenn, sighting the MIssissippi riverin 1541. Hernan De Soto
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