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US His 17

Former researcher who encouraged people to reject mainstream society and us drugs Timothy Leary
Small community of people who share resources Commune
San Francisco district popular with the counterculture Haight-Ashbury
Lack of communication between adults and youth Generation gap
Popular English rock band of the 60's listened to by many baby boomers on the radio Beatles
Event that helped the counterculture in the 60's and 70's Vietnam War
Group of people rebelling against the traditions set by their parents in the "60"s. Counterculture
One interest of the counterculture Eastern spirituality
Why did the music and clothing industry create products just for the counterculture? It was a large group of consumers
This defining characteristic of the counterculture provided the foundation for the many rights movements that followed Protest
Proposed amendment to US Constitution that would guarantee equal rights for women ERA-Equal Rights Amendment
Who wrote the "Feminine Mystique" which questioned the limited roles of women in society Betty Friedan
Worked to defeat an equal rights amendment for women Phyllis Schlafly
Men and women are equal politically, socially and economically Feminism
1973 Supreme Court case-made abortion legal Roe v. Wade
Co-founder of 'Ms. Magazine' and worked to raise awareness of women's rights through mass media Gloria Steinem
The National Organization for Women worked to protect this. Reproductive freedom
Made it illegal to deny credit to someone because of gender Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974
This was caused by the women's movement The number of women in the workforce doubled form 1950 to 2000
Name given to the wage difference of a woman and a man doing the same job "pink collar ghetto"
Move from place to place seeking work Migrant workers
Worked to increase Latino awareness of their history and culture Chicano movement
Created by Chippewa activists to help Native Americans secure their legal rights AIM-American Indian Movement
Worked to protect consumers from harmful products and unethical business practices Ralph Nader
Organized a farm workers' union to help protect exploited Latino workers Cesar Chavez
Farm workers union that implemented a workers' strike and consumer boycott of table grapes in the late 60's UFW
Contributed to the rise in Latin American immigration in the mid 1900's Growing demand for cheap labor in the US
Why did American Indians occupy Alcatraz in 1969? Call attention to broken treaties
One result of consumer advocacy groups More workplace safety regulations ??????????
Directly benefited people with disabilities Special Olympics
Laws protecting endanger species from extinction Endangered Species Act
Requires that factories and cars reduce their toxic emissions Clean Air Act
Created to protect the environment EPA-Environmental Protection Agency
Poisonous by-products of human activities Toxic waste
Requires factories and farms to reduce water pollution Clean Water Act
Nationwide protest to raise awareness of environmental concerns and reminds people to protect the environment Earth Day
Congress's response to Rachel Carson's 1962 publication of Silent Spring Restricted the use of DDT
Encouraged Congress to create the EPA and sign many environmental laws Richard Nixon
What prompted Congress to set up the SUPERFUND? The Love Canal contamination and other events involving hazardous waste
Why were some conservatives against creating environmental regulations? They were afraid it would hamper business.
National Organization for Women that dedicated itself to true equality for women NOW
States that men and women are equal Femanism
Called attention to the dangers of pesticides Rachel Calson
Why was the baby boomer generation hard to ignore? They were such a large group
What occurred in the 1960's and 1970's that encouraged people to talk openly about sex? Sexual revolution
What did second wave feminists of the 60's and 70's want? Full equality with men, not just the right to vote
Why have more women joined the workforce? There are more job opportunities for women
US government granted temporary guest work status to Mexicans Bracero program
Dropped immigration quotas in the United States Immigration And Neutrality Act
Native Americans did this to call attention to their needs Formed groups such as AIM to address civil rights issues
Valued by the baby boomer generation Youth, spontaneity, individuality, and spirituality
This began when coal smog, pesticide abuse, and polluted rivers drew media attention Earth Day-Environmental movement
Americans disagreed on whether the government should regulate the use of private property to control this? Environmental problems
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