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Am History ch 1-3

Am History Christ in the Americas, ch 1-3 Part I,

What happened in 1513? 1. Balboa discovered the Pacific Ocean (Southern Ocean) 2. Ponce de Leon discovered Florida while searching for the fountain of Youth.
1493-1496 Dates of Columbus's 2nd voyage, where he started a second colony on Hispaniola called Isabel...and discovered many islands such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, lesser Antilles etc.
1498 1.Columbus's third voyage, where he landed at Venezuela--the first European to step on the continental New World. 2.Da Gama rounded the Cape of Good Hope in Africa.
9000BC Neolithic Revolution began in the Old World.
2500BC Neolithic Revolution began in the New World.
2000 BC first village sites in New World
1000BC Olmecs appeared...warlike tribe with human sacrifice.
650 BC First civilizations in the New World (Mayas)
mid 900's AD The Toltecs rise to power
1450AD Aztecs come to power
1398-1496 Life span of "real" leader of the Aztecs: Tlacaellel
1451-54 unprecedented natural disasters in Central America.
1200AD Inca Empire began
late 10th century AD Eric the Red kicked out of Iceland, finds Greenland. His son Leif Ericson heads off the Newfoundland and establishes a colony.
1451 AD Columbus born in Genoa, Italy
1484 Portugal rejects Columbus's idea...considers his calculations in error.
1486 Columbus approaches Spain about his idea.
9/6/1492 - 10/12/1492 Columbus's first voyage to the New World.
1493 Columbus returned to Spain and started his second voyage.
1502-1504 Columbus's 4th and last voyage to the New World, where he mainly searched Central America for a passage to the Indies.
2/1519 Cortes left Cuba for Mexico
4/1519 Cortes arrived in Aztec territory on Good Friday.
1521 Cortes seized Tenochititlan (Aztec capitol, now Mexico City.
1519-1522 Magellan sets out with 5 ships to circumnavigate the world for Spain, and is the first.
1522 Cortes made governor of New Spain. Rules unwisely, allowed enslavement of the Indians.
1524 12 Franciscans landed at Veracruz to convert the Indians.
1527 By this date the Franciscans had converted 10,000 Indians.
12/12/1531 Mary appears to Juan Diego as Virgin of Guadelupe.
1548 Juan Diego dies...9 million Indians had been baptized by this time!
1494 Treaty of Tordesillas, where Spain and Portugal agreed to the Line of Demarcation.
1511 Cuba was conquered and colonized by Diego Velasquez
1500 Pedro Cabral discovered Brazil
1501 Portuguese Coelho commanded 3 ships to follow up on the Brazil discovery, and on board had Amerigo Vespucci.
1492 1. Discovery of new World by Columbus 2. Muslims kicked out of Spain by Isabel and Ferdinand, ending the 770 year war by taking Granada.
Created by: margaretawarren