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history FINAL

who invented the telegraph? Samuel Morse
who was known as the shoe salesman evangelist? D.L. Moody
who was known for his business in oil production and use of monopolies? John D. Rockefeller
who was a famous hymn writer who wrote Blessed Assurance and To God be the Glory? Fanny Crosby
/who was a colonial Missionary to the Indians? David Brainerd
who said speak soft and carry a big stick? Teddy Roosevelt
who led the rough riders? Teddy Rooevelt
who was the dictator of iraq that invaded Kuwait? Suddam hussein
who was president during 9/11? George W. Bush
who assisted Lewis and Clark in exploring the Louisiana Purchase? Sacagawea
who wrote the star spangled banner? Francis scott key
who was the leader of Nazi germany in WWII? Adolf Hitler
who was the father of progressive Education? John Dewey
who found many uses for peanuts? George W. Carver
who founded the Tuskegee Institute? booker T Washington
who flew across the atlantic? Charles lindenburg
what was the name of Charles Lindenburg's plane? Spirit of St.Louis
who was president for most of WWI? woodrow wilson
who was president of the Confederate states? Jefferson Davis
who named america? Amerigo Vespucci
who was Father of the Constitution and president during the war of 1812? James Madison
who was prosecutor of the Scopes Trial? William Jennings Bryan
who sailed around the world? Ferdinand Magellan
who was leader of the american allied forces? Dwight Eisenhower
who wrote America's first history book and what was it called? william bradford History of Plymouth Plantation
who was the greatest inventor of all time? Thomas edison
who was general in the pcific Theatre? douglas macarthur
who wrote Grapes of Wrath? john steinbeck
who led the Bolsheviks? Vladimir Lenin
who preached Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God? Jonathon Edwards
who was the best known color writer? mark twain
what was president Nixon's presidency most remembered for? watergate scandal
who was president durin operation desert storm? george H bush
who sent troops into bosnia? Bill Clinton
who was president during the depression?
who was assassinated during his presidency and also the first catholic President? John kennedy
who wrote the emancipation proclamation? Abe Lincoln
who was known for reganomics? Reagan
who prolonged the great depression with the New deal? FDR
who was the only president to be unanimously elected? George washington
who is osama bin laden? al Quaeda terrorist
who was the first black sec. of state? Collin Powel
who was the first black woman as sec. of state? condoleeza Rice
who invented microsoft? Bill Gates
when was the spanish armada defeated 1588
what happened in 1776? dec. of independence
when was the end of the civil war? 1865
what year was Black Tuesday? 1929
what year did america pull out of the Vietnam war? 1973
when did the berlin wall collapse? 1989
when was operation desert storm? 1991
where were the first A-Bombs dropped? hiroshima and nagasaki
where were the first shots fired? Fort Sumter
which state recounted many times? Florida
which state was first to ratify the constitution? delaware
what was the Roe vs. Wade trial?
what was the USA PATRIOT ACT? we will fight terrorism.
what are checks and balances? each government branch has certain checks upon the power of the others
what is mercantilism? colonies exist for the benefit of the mother country
what is the bill of rights? freedom of speech, press, religion,pursuit of happiness, etc...
Created by: smalex12