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The Roman Republic

Aeneas Legendary Trojan hero, who the Romans traced their history back to. He left Troy after the Trojan War and settled in Italy
Romulus and Remus Legendary figures in Roman history, who were raised by wolves. While they were planning the city, Remus mocked one of Romulus's ideas. Remulus then killed Remus and built his own city and named it Rome after himself.
Republic A political system in which people elect leaders to govern them
Dictator A ruler who has almost absolute power
Cinncinatus Roman dictator, he was chosen by the Romans to defend their lands from attack. Later, he willingly gave up power and was considered an ideal leader by the Romans
Plebeians The common people of ancient Rome
Patricians The nobility in Roman society
Magistrates An elected official in Rome
Consuls The two most powerful officials in Rome
Roman Senate A council of wealthy and powerful citizens who advised Rome's leaders
Veto To reject or prohibit actions and laws of other gobernment officals
Checks and Balances A system that balances the distribution of power in a government (prevents one part of the government from becoming more powerful)
Forum A Roman public meeting place
Legions A group of up to 6000 Roman soldiers
Punic Wars A series of wars between Rome and Carthage in the 200s and 100s BC
Hannibal Carthaginian general, he invaded Italy during the Second Punic War, but was eventually defeated by Scipio at the Battle of Zama
Gaius Marius Roman consul, he was a popular general who encouraged the unemployed poor to join the Roman army
Lucius Cornelius Sulla Roman consul, he battled Gaius Marius in a civil war
Spartacus Former Roman gladiator, he led a slave revolt against Rome
In geographic terms, Italy is a... Peninsula
In what way was the Roman law of the Twelve Tables similar to the US Constitution? They both were written to protect people's rights
The center of life in ancient Rome was the... Forum
One reason the Roman trade network grew was that Romans... Needed to bring in food from other parts of the Mediterranean
What event after 88 BC had the most important effect on the Roman republic's government? Sulla named himself dictator
In terms of importance to Rome's growth, what effect of Italy's climate would be ranked first? It provided Romans with a large food supply
What is the best prediction of what might have happened if the Roman nobles had not overthrown their last king? Rome would have had more kinds after him
Romans who were magistrates and Romans who took part in assemblies were similar because both... Could serve for only 1 year
Many nearby countries declared war on Rome because they... Were threatened by Rome's power
What was the most important effect the killing of the Gracchus brothers had on Roman politics? Romans saw that violence could be used as a political weapon
What general led an attack on Rome in 218 BC? Hannibal
What happened first? A. Rome's laws were written down on 12 bronze tablets B. Citizens complained about laws they did not know existed C. Laws were established by the patrician officials in Rome D. Roman laws were displayed in public meeting places C; Laws were established by the patrician officials in Rome
What role does the system of checks and balances play in the US government? It prevents each branch from overpowering the others
According to legend, Aeneas came to Rome from _____ Troy
As time passed, the _____ became more powerful, gained influence over magistates, and took control of teh city's finances Senate
Rome's last three kinds were _____ Etruscan
Rome fought the Punic Wars against _____ Carthage
When the Romans conquered _____, they adopted much of culture of the people who lived there Greece
T or F: Many of Italy's ancient cities were built on top of hills T
T or F: Rome's early history is well documented by written records F
T or F: Rome's government included offices that could only be held by plebeians T
T or F: The Roman Forum was symbolic of the public nature of Roman society T
T or F: Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus wanted to help the people of Rome T
How did the landscape of the Italian Peninsula affect early settlement there? Italy was hard to cross from one side of the peninsula to the other. In addition, some of Italy's mountains are volcanic
What might have happened if the leaders of Rome had not made changes to the government in 400 BC? The people could have rose up and overthrew the whole government
What was the main reason for the growth of Roman territory in 300s BC? Mainly in response to outside threats
How are the duties of American citizens similar to those of Roman citizens? They both have civic duties to participate in the government to help keep it as strong as it can be
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