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Marthell Am Rev

American Revolution

Who was the Boston brewer and radical Patriot leader? Samuel Adams
What did Sam Adams agitate against? British legislation such as the Tea Act, Intolerable Acts
Why did Sam Adams lose influence after the American Revolution? More conservative minds took the head, such as Alexander Hamilton; he was too radical
Who was the Philadelphia inventor, scientist, printer, politician and diplomat? Benjamin Franklin
What two important American documents did Benjamin Franklin help draft? He signed both! Declaration of Independence and U. S. Constitution
Who was the king of England during the American Revolution? George III
Who was the successful merchant from Boston who was described as the richest man in New England? John Hancock
Who was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence? John Hancock
Who was the French general who was made Major General in the Continental Army? Marquis de Lafayette
What was the last battle in the American Revolution? Yorktown (in Virginia)
Who was the author of Common Sense? Thomas Paine
What was the name of the most influential pamphlet in turning American public opinion in favor of independence from Great Britain? Common Sense
What later made Thomas Paine unpopular in America? He was an atheist who made attacks on religion
Who was the first president of the United States? George Washington
What state was George Washington from? Virginia
Who lead the Continental army during the American Revolution? George Washington
Who was the author of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
Who said, "Give me liberty or give me death?" Patrick Henry
What law required all paper products, such as newspapers and legal papers to be taxed and stamped? Stamp Act
In what year was the Stamp Act passed? 1765
What were the Stamp Act Resolutions? five resolutions passed by the Virginia House of Burgesses saying that only the colonies could tax themselves, not the British government
What was the first ever united body of the 13 colonies? Stamp Act Congress
What was the Boston Massacre? Snowball throwing colonists provoked British troops into firing on crowd. Five colonists died
Who was Crispus Attucks? Runaway slave killed at the Boston Massacre; said to be the first killed for American independence
Who made the famous engraving (painting) of the Boston Massacre which became effective propaganda in the American Revolution? Paul Revere
Who served as the British soldiers' lawyer during their trial following the Boston Massacre? John Adams
In what year did the Boston Massacre take place? 1770
In what year did the Boston Tea Party take place? 1773
Why did Patriots throw tea off of a British ship in the Boston Harbor? Protest against British taxation policies
What are the Intolerable Acts? Five Parliamentary Acts passed to punish Boston for its "tea Party"
What were the five acts of the Intolerable Acts? Closed Port of Boston; Moved trials of all crown officials from colonies to England; gave king control over Massachusetts officials; allowed extended quartering of troops; enlarged Quebec
How did the colonies react to the Intolerable Acts? Called the 1st Continental Congress
What was the only colonial to not send official representatives to the 1st Continental Congress? Georgia
On what date did the American Revolution begin? April 19, 1775
What were the first two battle of the American Revolution? Lexington and Concord
Why did British regulars go to Concord? To seize ammunition, especially gunpowder, held by colonists
Who won the Battle at Lexington? British
Who won the Battle at Concord? Colonists (Patriots)
What petition was sent to King George III by the 1st Continental Congress asking that hostilities stop between the colonists and the British army? Olive Branch Petition
What was the Proclamation for Suppressing Rebellion and Sedition? King George III's answer to the Olive Branch Petition; showed king's hostility to colonists
Who wrote Common Sense? Thomas Paine
What pamphlet suggested that the colonists' rights had been violated and independence was the only solution? Common Sense
What pamphlet pushed the colonists toward independence from Great Britain? Common Sense
What was the Dunmore Proclamation? Issued by Virginia royal governor Dunmore; would give freedom to any slave who fought with the british
On what date was the Declaration of Independence adopted by the Second Continental Congress? July 4, 1776
Who was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
What battle gained the support of France in the American Revolution? Battle of Saratoga
Where did George Washington's Continental Army winter in 1777? Valley Forge in Pennsylvania
Describe the conditions at Valley Forge. Troop poorly fed, clothed, and housed in a brutally cold winter
What was the lowest point of American morale and prospects in the American Revolution? Valley Forge
What was the name of the final battle of the American Revolution? Yorktown
What was the first constitution of the United States? Articles of Confederation
Why was the central government of the United States so weak under the Articles of Confederation? Wanted to prevent anything similar to British tryanny
What replaced the Articles of Confederation? U. S. Constitution
What treaty officially ended the American Revolution? Treaty of Paris of 1783
What are two names for colonists who wanted to remain loyal to Great Britain and were against independence? Tories (Tory, sing.) and Loyalists
Who were radical activist who was against British rule? Sons of Liberty
What was the purpose of Committee of Correspondence? Keep in touch with other colonies
What is salutary neglect? from 1676 to 1763 British allowed colonies to govern themselves with little interference
What war changed British idea of salutary neglect to Parliament taxing and regulating the colonies? French and Indian War
What activity was the Navigation Acts trying to stop? smuggling
Where did the Battle of Bunker Hill take place? Boston
What British general surrendered at Yorktown? Gen. Cornwallis
Created by: marthell