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Important dates to know for AP US History

1607 Jamestown founded
1612 New process for curing tobacco leads to success of Jamestown
1619 First group of African slaves arrives in Jamestown/first legislative assembly meets in Virginia
1620 First pilgrims arrive in Plymouth
1676 Bacon's Rebellion
1739-1744 First Great Awakening
1754-1763 French and Indian War
1764-1765 Sugar and Stamp Acts
1766 Declaratory Act
1767 Townshend Act
1770 Boston Massacre
1773 Boston Tea Party
1774 First Continental Congress
1775 Fighting begins at Lexington and Concord
1776 Declaration of Independence signed
1777 British defeated at Saratoga
1778 French join the Revolutionary War
1781 Battle of Yorktown/Articles of Confederation
1783 Treaty of Paris ends the Revolutionary War
1787 Constitutional Convention
1788 Federalist Papers published/Constitution ratified
1789 George Washington becomes president
1794 Whiskey Rebellion
1795 Jay Treaty/Pinckney Treaty
1798 Alien and Sedition Acts/Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions
1803 Louisiana Purchase
1808 Slave trade outlawed
1809 Non-Intercourse Act
1812 War with England
1814 Treaty of Ghent
1820 Missouri Compromise
1823 Monroe Doctrine
1828 Andrew Jackson elected
1831 Nat Turner's Rebellion
1834 Whig Party created
1835 Texas Revolution
1840's Manifest Destiny
1846 Mexican War begins
1848 Treaty of Guadelope Hidalgo/U.S. acquires California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado
1849 Gold discovered in California
1850 Compromise of 1850 = California admitted as a Free State and Fugitive Slave Law strengthened
1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act/Republican Party formed
1858 Lincoln Douglas Debates
1859 John Brown's Raid
1860 Democratic Party Splits/Abraham Lincoln elected/Lower states secede
1861 Confederate States of America is formed/Civil War begins/Upper South secedes/North is defeated at Bull Run
1862 Battle of Antietam/Emancipation Proclamation
1864 Sherman's March to the Sea
1865 Sherman takes North and South Carolina/Lee surrenders/13th ammendment/Lincoln assasinated/Andrew Johnson becomes president/KKK formed
1867 Reconstruction begins/Alaska purchased
1868 14th ammendment
1870 15th ammendment
1876 End of Reconstruction/Battle of Little Big Horn
1886 Haymarket Riots
1890 Sherman Anti-Trust Act passed
1890-1920 15 million immigrants arrive in U.S.
1898 War with Spain/Hawaii annexed
1899 Peace with Spain/U.S. receives Philippines, Samoa, Guam, and Puerto Rico
1901 Theodore Roosevelt becomes president
1904-1914 Panama Canal Built
1912 Election of Woodrow Wilson
1913 16th and 17th ammendment
1914 World War I begins
1915 Lusitania sunk/KKK revived
1916 Sussex pledge
1917 U.S. enters World War I
1918 Treaty of Versailles/World War I ends
1919 18th ammendment/Red Scare
1920 19th ammendment/First Radio Station-KDKA
1929 Stock Market Crashes
1932 Franklin D. Roosevelt elected
1933 Hundred Days session/NRA,AAA,FDIC,FERA,CCC/20th ammendment/21st ammendment/Hitler comes to power
1934 Gold Standard terminated
1935 Social Security Act/WP,NLRA,CIO/Neutrality Legislation
1937 Japan invades China
1938 Hitler takes Austria
1939 World War II begins
1940 France falls/first peace time American draft
1941 Lend-Lease Act/Battle of Britain/Hitler takes U.S.S.R./Pearl Harbor
1942 Japanese Internment Camps/Battles of Coral Sea and Midway
1943 Italy invaded
1944 France invaded/Japan bombed
1945 FDR dies/Germany surrenders/Atom bombs/End of World War II
1946 Iron Curtain
1947 Cold War begins/Marshall Plan/Containment policy
1948-1949 Berlin Airlift/Military integrated
1949 NATO formed/Communists control China
1950 Korean War
1951 22nd Ammendment
1952 Dwight Eisenhower elected
1954 Brown v. Board of Education/Vietnam divided
1955 Martin Luther King Junior begins protesting
1957 Sputnik/Little Rock Crisis
1958 1st U.S. satellite/NASA formed
1960 U2 shot down over Russia/John F. Kennedy
1961 23rd ammendment/Berlin Crisis/Bay of Pigs
1962 Cuban Missile Crisis
1963 JFK assasinated
1964 24th ammendment/Gulf of Tonkin
1968 Nixon elected
1969 Vietnamization/1st man to walk on the moon
1971 Pentagon Papers published
1972 Bombing of North Vietnam/Watergate
1973 U.S. troops withdraw from Vietnam/Spiro Agnew resigns
1974 Watergate tapes exposed/Nixon resigns
1980 Reagan elected
1989 Berlin Wall falls
1992 Roe v. Wade
2001 Terrorist attacks on U.S./Enduring Freedom and War against terrorism
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