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Histology: Bone


4 cells types found in bone Ostoecytes, Osteoblast, osteoclast, osteoprogenerators
What is primary bone immature bone. Collagen runs in random directions, low mineral count, and uneven stain
What is Secondary bone mature bone. Deeply acidiphilic, organized, and resembles a "bulls-eye"
2 types of secondary bone Compact and spongy
Describe the composition of spongy bone made up of spicles and traneculae.
What ability does spongy bone have and what gives it this ability Ability to handle change and/or adjust to external stress. Trabeculae gives it this ability
What is the periosteum noncalcified covering of the outside of the bone
What are Sharpeys fibers and where are they found These hold the periosteum to the bone. Found in the periosteum
Is the periosteum vascular YES
What are the two parts of the periosteum OUter fibrous layer and inner osteogenic layer
What is the endosteum bone's cell lining that covers all of the interior surfaces of the bone
What does the endosteum NOT include osteocytes
Describe the structure of an osteon Haversian system surrounded by matirx in a circumfrential pattern.
What interconnects the various osteons in bone Volkmans canal
What makes up the organic matrix called osteoid ground substance is proteoglycans and glycoproteins. GAG's. Osteonectin and osteocalcin
What causes osteoid to be mineralized deposition of crystals of hydroxapatite
Which type of ossification occurs in most bones Endochondral
Which type of ossification uses a cartilage model Endochondral
Which type of ossificatin makes frontal and parietal bones Intramembranous
Which type of ossification uses condensed mesenchyme to differentiate into osteoblast Intramembranous
In which type of ossification does primary immature bone turn to secondary bone by use of osteoclast Intramembranous
Where does bone remodeling take place at the BMU's (Bone remodeling units)
How does bone remodeling work Osteoblast recieve a signal and then signal to the osteoclast to start working
What function does bone remodeling serve retains shape, size, architecture and repairs minor stress fractures
What is osteomalacia a calcium or vitamin D deficency in adults. Characterized by decalcification of bones
What is osteoporosis decrease in bone mass and quantity associated with a normal ratio of mineral to matirx. Caused by decreased formation and increase reabsorbtion.
What can cause osteoporosis lack of physycial stress, less GH, in women less estrogen
Osteochondrodysplasia extreme bending of long bones
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