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Histology: Cartlage

WVSOM: Cartilage

What does collagen usually stain acidiphilic
What is the territorial matrix area adjeacent to chondrocytes. Lacks fibers and can affect staining
What is the perichondrium vascular layer around the cartilage that provides support
2 layers of perichondrium fibrous layer and chondrogenic layer
What makes up the fibrous layer type 1 collagen and fibroblast
Is the fibrous layer vascular YES
What makes up the chondrogenic layer undifferentiated cells that give rise to chondrocytes
Describe appositional growth cells of chondrogenic layer proliferate and turn to chondroblast. They then lay down cartilage layer by layer
describe interstital growth chondrocytes within the cell expand divide. Their daughter cells then lay down cartilage. About 70% water
Unique feature of elastic cartilage scratchy appearence, fewer nest cells, and type 2 collagen
Unique features of Fibrocartilage No perichondrium, type 1 collagen fibers, chondrocytes line up on the edge of fibers, HERRINGBONE, deeply acidiphilic
Where is fibrocartilage usually found tendon insertions, pubic symphysis, annulus fibrosus. Anywhere tensile strength and support is needed
What part of the bone does the diaphysis develop into the longer parts
Epiphysis makes up which part of the bone the ends or heads of the bones
What are the five zones hyaline growth taking place during endochondrial osstification Zone of ...... Reserve, Proliferation, hypertrophy, calcification, osstification
What can happen if you have increased amount of sex hormones during puberty the gorwth plate(s) can calcify
What is caused by the faliure of cartilage calcification and endochondral osstification. Symptoms usually occur in rapidly growing bones Rickets
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