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Ronald Reagan

Project Quiz

What was the name of Ronald Reagan's economic plan? Reaganomics
What are side-side economics? tax cuts and business incentives that stimulate investment
Reagan's plan caused the US to go into the worst _______________ since the Great Depression. Recession
Who started the "Just Say No" War on drugs campaign? Nancy Reagan
What strategy struck on January 28, 1986? Space Shuttle Disaster
What song, by Bruce Springsteen, was popular during the Reagan Era? Born in the USA
President Reagan's proposed defense space shield that would knock out incoming Soviet missiles was called __________. Strategic Defense Initiative
What was Reagan's famous speech that worsened relations with the Soviets but also forged bonds with like-minded foreign leaders? "The Evil Empire"
The ____ Treaty ordered the destruction of thousands of missiles. INF
What was the secret sales of weapons to Iran in an attempt to secure the release of US hostages in Lebanon? Iran-Contra affair
Who was the last president of the Soviet Union before the country's collapse in 1991? Mikhail Gorbachev
_______ is the South African government's official policy of legalized racial segregation throughout society. Apartheid
Independent labor union founded in Soviet controlled Poland in 1980 was called _______. Solidarity
What was the base for attacks against Israel to the south? Lebanon
What was the political activist who founded the moral majority's name? Jerry Farwell
The ____________ was the group the believed that the majority of Americans agreed with conservative moral values. Moral Majority
What were some of Reagan's values? Virtue, compassion, and perception.
Who recruited Reagan for governor? Californian Republican Party.
Explain the New Right. Combo of media commentators, think tanks, and grass root Christian groups. They were formed to go against specific liberal groups.
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