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USHis 16


Worked to contain the spread of communism in Southeast Asia SEATO-South East Asia Treaty Organization
Gave President extraordinary war power to take all necessary measures to defend against armed attacks on US forces Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
Location where Vietminh laid siege to and trapped a French garrison Dien Bien Phu
National Liberation Front guerrilla fighters Vietcong
Demanded independence from France and accepted communism Ho Chi Minh
The idea that if Vietnam fell to communism, its close neighbors would follow Domino Theory
Why did President Truman agree to help France? He supported colonialism
Provided for the division of Vietnam into two countries Geneva Accord
Who refused to participate in the Vietnamese election in 1956? Ngo Dinh Diem
How did Pres. Johnson escallated America's involvement in Vietnam? By ordering airstrikes
Jellied gasoline that explodes when dropped in large containers to burn anything it touches Napalm
Disagreed with Pres. Johnson's war policies Doves
US Commander in South Vietnam Gen. William Westmoreland
Supported Pres. Johnson's war policies Hawks
A sustained bombing campaign ordered by Pres. Johnson used stop N. Vietnamese from reinforcing Vietcong troops in South Vietnam Operation Rolling Thunder
Dropped on vegetation by American soldiers to defoliate trees and kill food supply Agent Orange
Ho Chi Minh compared his military to this Tiger
Vietcong's war strategy Fight small skirmishes
By the end or 1965, most Americans in Vietnam had been ... Drafted
Why did Pres. Johnson have to cut back his Great Society goals? The cost of the war in Vietnam was rising
Leaked to The New York Times in 1971 Pentagon Papers
This slowed the arms race between the Soviet Union and the US SALT I-Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty
Called for a cease fire and US troop withdrawal from Vietnam Paris Peace Accords
Passed by Congress in 1973 to stop the growth of the "Imperial Presidency" War Powers Act
Four people were killed at this protest Kent State University
This massacre resulted in the death of hundreds of Vietnamese My Lai
Why did Pres. Nixon order the secret bombing of the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Cambodia? To reduce the flow of communist supplies
In 1970, what did Pres. Nixon do to try to break the stalemate in the peace process in Vjietnam Ordered ground attacks on Vietcong bases in Cambodia
What did the Pentagon Papers reveal? US leaders misled Congress and the American people about the Vietnam War
Results of the end of the Vietnam War Communists ended up controling Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam
Policy aimed at easing Cold War tensions Detente
Top national security political adviser and eventually Sec. of State to US Henry Kissinger
Guerrilla fighters in Vietnam Vietcong
Attack by communist forces on more that 40 Vietnamese cities Tet Offensive
Rebel leader who demanded independence for Vietnam Ho Chi Minh
Anti war candidate who ran for Pres. in 1968 Eugene McCarthy
Chinese premier who held talks with Pres. Nixon Zhoe Enlai
Classified study of American involvement in Vietnam Pentagon Papers
Vietnamese village attacked by American troops My Lai
Vietnam will be divided into two countries Provision of Geneva Accords
Name give to the difference between what Pres. Johnson said and what many journalists reported Credibility gap
The Tet Offensive signaled that this would not end quickly Vietnam War
Focus of Pres Nixon's Peace with Honor policy End the Vietnam war without abandoning South Vietnam
Country Henry Kissinger arranged for Pres. Nixon to visit to improve trade relations China
Purpose of Soviet Union and US signing Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty Ease Cold War Tensions
The credibility gap that caused American people to distrust this US Presidents administration. Lyndon Baines Johnson
Turning point in the war
The name of Nixon's program to empower South Vietnamese forces to assume more combat duties while withdrawing US forces from the country Vietnamization
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