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the beginning

AP US History

treaty of tordesillas Portugal and Spain fought over who got land, 1492
encomienda system 1500s, Indians were given to Spanish landlords
Columbian exchange Europeans introduced to the new world horses, goats, etc. many other products. Europeans brought back items from the old world
act of toleration 1649 guaranteed toleration to all Christians, but not to Jews or atheists
black legend 1500s the idea that the Spaniards only brought over bad things
mercantilism 1600s, maximize the amounts of metals you hold, maintain a balance of trade. exports surpassing imports. Maintain colonies to provide raw material
House of Burgesses 1619 representative government in Virginia with little power
Bacon's Rebellion 1676 Farmers rose up and burned houses/town because they didn't want to help fight against Indian's because of thriving trade
middle passage 18 century, transport of slaves in horrible conditions
king Philip's war 1676, natives attack settles and settlers destroy them with a counter attack
glorious revolution in 1688, gave power to parliament and ended absolute monarchy in England, led to the English bill of rights
Salem witch trials 1692
navigation acts and mercantilism to be suppliers solely to Britain
triangle trade from Britain to Africa and America, synched with middle passage
salutary neglect loosely enforced navigation laws
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