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Omnibus 2 Primary

Semester 2

Comedy A story with a happy ending
Tragedy A story with a sad or upsetting ending
Allegory A story that has similar aspects to another story, such as the Narnia books and the fall, redemption and justification of man in Scripture.
Epic A poem such as Dante's inferno where there are character conflicts and resolves.
Heroic Couplet a form of English poetry, a stanza consisting of 2 rhyming in iambic pentameter used to tell a heroic story
Rhyme Scheme The way rhymes are organized in a poem or book.
Beatrice The lady who leads Dante into Paradiso after going through Inferno and Purgatory, Dante had a thing for her, and she was the one who arranged his trip through Inferno.
Paolo and Francesca The two lovers who were caught and murdered in the act of adultery and have to spend eternity stuck together blowing about in a tornado of torment.
City of Dis A place in Hell where the sins of the violent were punished.
Vanni Fucci De Pistoia Was a man who sold church offices to those who were not capable of running the church offices.
Acheron The river that separated the Vestibule from circle I of the inferno.
Charon The ferryman who ferries the dead souls across the Acheron, and he ferries Virgil and Dante across.
St. Lucy a close friend of Beatrice's and she tells Virgil that going through hell was what God had planned for him, and she is who he prays to when he is in hell.
Virgil The guide of the pilgrim Dante through hell and up to Purgatory.
Nine Circles of Inferno The nine circles were the Vestibule, Circle I: The unbaptized/ virtuous pagans. 2: the Carnal. 3: Greedy. 4: Gluttonous. 5: Wrathful. 6: Heretics. 7: Violent 8:Fraudulent 9: Treacherous
Canto a set of 33 lines of 3 and one line that sums up the entire "Chapter."
Tercets The three lines in each stanza.
Terza Rima Terza Rima is the rhyme scheme Dante uses in The Divine Comedy. The pattern is ABA BCB CDC etc.
Macduff A scottish thane (nobleman) who comes to prominence after the murder of Duncan and leads the opposition to Macbeth
Lady Macbeth The wife of Lord Macbeth, who trades her womanhood for the gaul and "courage" of manhood. She is the primary mastermind criminal who carries out most of the murders and then goes insane at the end trying to get the stain of blood her hands.
Banquo Macbeth's co-commander in Duncan's army. He also hears the witches' prophecies but resists the temptation. Macbeth hires men to kill him and his son, Fleance, but his son gets away.
Witches The three hags who prophesy the rise and fall of Macbeth and Banquo's children as kings.
Macbeth A might and ambitious warrior, one of the leaders of Duncan's army. A witches' prophecy leads him to murder Duncan so that he can be king- but afterwards his conscience will not let him rest. He is killed by Malcolm.
Gunpowder Plot The plot that was started by Guy Fawkes who filled the basement of Parliament with gunpowder in the attempt to blow it up in the 1600's
Wife of Bath The lady in the Canterbury Tales who considers herself to be the "love expert" (I'm not buyin' it)because she had been married to five separate husbands.
Griselda The girl in the Clerk's tale who was 100% submissive to whatever her husband wanted, even when he took away her children.
Canterbury Cathedral The cathedral at which Thomas Beckett was killed, and also the cathedral to where they are making their pilgrimage.
Palamon The Cousin of Arcite who was sentenced to life in the tower. He fell in love with the beautiful Emily, and after many trials and fights, he married her and lived happily ever after.
Emily The beautiful girl in the Knight's tale who was fought over between Arcite and Palamon. In the end, Palamon got the girl, and Arcite got the victory, but died a few days after his wedding.
Chanticleer The Proud rooster in the Nun Priest's tale who talks about things such as dreams, visions, predestination, and freewill. He nearly gets eaten by a fox because he was being cocky and not paying attention to his dreams.
Pertolote The favorite hen of Chanticleer and who warns him off of paying any attention to his dreams of foreboding.
Iambic Pentameter Two lines that rhyme and the stressed syllable is every 5th syllable.
Martin Luther The man who wrote the Bondage of the Will and who basically bashes Erasmus and Freewill as if it were of the devil (which it's not!!)
Erasmus The man who was a brainiac at pretty much everything, and who wrote the treatise On Freewill, and was bashed without mercy by Luther.
Lady Bertilak The wife of Lord Bertilak at the green chapel, and she tries to seduce Gawain, but only gets 6 kisses out of him while Bertilak is out hunting.
Gawain The young nephew who challenges the Green Knight and then lazes around Bertilak's castle and entertains the ladies while Bertilak is out hunting.
Morgan Le Fay The half-sister and nemesis of King Arthur and the sorceress who enchanted Bertilak to become the Green Knight until a knight of the Round Table came and took him up on his challenge.
The four elements of Comedy A happy ending, interaction with the characters, exaggeration, and surprise
Vortigern In Monmouth's History, he was The king who Uther Pendragon got a potion to look like so Uther could be with Vortigern's wife and thus Arthur was born.
Brutus was the founder of Britain and named it after him in the History of Britain.
King Arthur The King who was born to Vortigern's wife and Uther Pendragon and ruled the knights of the Round Table as a young king in The History of Monmouth.
Brian The nephew of Cadwallo who helped defeat the Britains.
In the Inferno, what is the river that Virgil and Dante cross over from the Vestibule into Limbo? who is the ferryman? The Acheron was the river they had to cross to get from the Vestibule into the first Circle. Chiron was the ferryman.
According to Geoffery of Monmouth, what sort of King is Uther Pendragon? Uther Pendragon, according to Geoffery, was not a very good king. He was weak and cruel.
What is the importance of what the Porter in Macbeth Says? What the porter says in Macbeth is important because he basically says that our good days are coming to an end and we are going to live under a king of tyranny.
What two items did the Green Knight have in his hands when he entered the court at Camelot? The Green Knight had an axe in his left hand and a sprig of holly in his right hand symbolizing he came in peace when he rode into Camelot.
In the Inferno, why is the leopard a good image of lust and youth? Why the lion for pride and manhood? Why the wolf for avarice and old age? The leopard is a great image for Lust and youth because youth things they are all this and that and want everything that they can get. Lions are full of pride and so is the middle-aged man. Wolves hunt in packs and the old aged have to work in groups.
Why does the wife of Bath consider herself and authority on marriage? The wife of Bath considers herself to be an authority on marriage because she has been married to five different men who are very different and who didn't love any of them for real except for the last one.
What does Luther think of Erasmus's treatise, On Freewill? Luther thinks that Erasmus's treatise On Freewill is stupid and that Freewill is of the devil. (it's not!!)
Created by: BDuShaw
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