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The Roman Republic

Vocab words for 7th Grade Social Studies - Ch. 10

Aeneas mythical hero who fled the fallen city of Troy for Italy in a journey chronicled in Virgil's "Aeneid"
Romulus and Remus mythical twin brothers who are said to have founded Rome
republic government led by rulers elected by the citizens
dictator ruler with almost absolute power, elected during time of war
Cincinnatus famous dictator who chose not to retain his power
plebeians Rome's common people, including artisans, craftsmen, and traders
patricians wealthy, noble people of Rome
magistrates officials elected to fulfill specific duties for the city
consuls most powerful elected officials in the Roman Republic
Roman Senate a powerful group of wealthy citizens who advised elected officials
veto to prohibit an official action
Latin language spoken by the ancient Romans
checks and balances methods of balancing power
forum Rome's public meeting place
legions groups of up to 6,000 soldiers
Punic Wars a series of wars between Rome and Carthage
Hannibal brilliant Carthaginian general who attacked the city of Rome
Gaius Marius general who tried to solve unemployment by inviting poor people to join the army, creating a force more loyal to him than to Rome
Lucius Cornelius Sulla rival of Marius who raised his own army to defeat Marius and take control of Rome
Spartacus slave and former gladiator who led an uprising of slaves
Created by: Ms. Thacker