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11 - Inca

Inca 6th grade

The Inca settled on the continent of South America
The largest rainforest in the world is the Amazon
In between the mountains and the coast was a desert
Some of the Inca lived in these mountains Andes
The climate in this region is ______ all year warm
The captial city was Cuzco
An area with lots of plants & animals that receives 80" of rain a year is called a rainforest
An important crop that could withstand frost was potato
An important animal used for food, clothing, and travel was the llama
The Inca empire was connected by a huge network of paved roads
The Inca people kept records by tying knots of different color that were called a quipu
The llama is related to this animal camel
The king was in control & was worshiped like a god. He was called the ______ Inca Sapa
They worshipped many gods which is called polytheism
This person talked to the gods & dead people priest
The Inca preserved dead bodies which is called mummification
They invented a musical instrument with string and wood called a panpipe
A farming method which made ledges into hills to get more land was called a terrace
This disease helped the Spanish defeat the Inca smallpox
The Inca were conquered by the Spanish
The Inca shrunk this part of an enemies' body to wear and scare others head
Another word for corn is maize
An actual ancient shrunken head is what type of source primary
Your poster you made in class is this type of source secondary
TRUE or FALSE: Terrace farming is easier to water and gives a farmer more land to grow crops true
TRUE or FALSE: Criminals got off easy in the Inca empire false
Created by: jillrausch
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