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8th Grade SS CRCT

CRCT practice

What region is Georgia located in? Southeast
What nation is Georgia located in? U.S.A.
What continent is Georgia in? North America
What hemispheres are Georgia located in? Northern and Western
What are the five regions that Georgia is divided into? Appalachian Plateau, Ridge and Valley, Blue Ridge, Piedmont, & Coastal Plains
What helps Georgia's farming area and tourists attraction? The warm, humid weather
What divides the coastal plain and piedmont regions, and is the best farm land in GA that is located just north and south of the this Fall Line
This is the largest freshwater in GA Okefenokee Swamp
Highest mountain peak in GA Brasstown Bald
what 2 rivers provide drinking water for GA and also assists in transportation and electricity (hydroelectric power) Chattahoochee and Savannah River
This place is important to tourism of GA. it has housing industries such as paper production and fishing. This also protects the mainland from storms, erosion, and etc. Barrier Islands
This early period were nomadic hunters and used the atlatl to hunt large animals Paleo Period
this early period moved with each season to find food and they used tools to assist with hunting and with work tasks Archaic Period
This early period used the bow and arrow to hunt and families began to live together aan formed tribes, they also held religious ceremonies Woodland Period
this early period were the most advanced group, and they protected villages using fences and moats, they built temple mounds as places of worship Mississippian Period
Was a Spanish explorer that first reached the modern day Florida and Georgia in 1540 while searching for gold, bought diseases which killed many Native Americans Hernando De Soto
the Spanish created this for religious outposts on Georgia's barrier islands Spanish Missions
This country wanted raw materials from the New World so they could manufacture goods England
recieving goods and then selling it to different countires mercantillism
this country wanted gold; were nice France
This country wanted gold and spread Catholicism through the mission they establoshed Spain
convinced king george 11 to create the colony of GA. James Oglethorpe
gave oglethorpe the power to create GA the charter of 1732
Yamacraw chief thta helped oglethorpe Tomochichi
Oglethope's first settlement Savannah
Interpreter between oglwthorpe and tomochichi MAry Musgrove
21 members including oglethorpe Trustees
founded the city of Ebenezer that came from Austria Salzburgers
settled in Darien from scotland highland scots
group of people that were unhappy with the Trustees and wanted to purchase additional land and enslave people malcontents
became ______ colony after trustees royal
the three royal governors John Reynolds, Henry Eliis, and James Wright
England and France wanted to control land in N. America. THis war ended in 1763 with the British victorious French and Indian War
king george 111 creates border for the colonists to live. they couldnt settle west of the appalachian mountains proclmation of 1763
tax opn all legal documents, permits, licenses, and paper goods Stamp Act
The colonist didnt want "_________ ______ __________" in the british government. (stamp Act) taxation without representation
4 british laws meant to punish colonists for the Boston Tea Party Intolerable Acts
Created by: minyoung
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