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SS Chapter 8

Seimer's Class

What is a tornado? A funnel shaped, spinning windstorm
Why did settlers on the Great Plains have to learn new ways of building? Few trees, they built with sod
Why did pioneer families need to be self-sufficient? They needed to make the resources they needed.
What crop did the Russian Mennonites bring with them to the Great Plains? Winter Wheat
How did new farm machines and improved plows change farming? Made things easier for the farmer
Why did pioneers on the Great Plains build soddies? There were no trees for miles.
How did trains link farms and cities? The trains brought the products to the city to be sold.
What is a prairie? An area of flat or rolling land covered mostly by grasses and wildflowers.
What are the names of the two plains that make up the MidWest region? The Great Plains and the Central Plains
What is the main difference between the Central Plains and the Great Plains? The amount of precipitation
On which plain is Ohio located? The Central Plains
What is the leading crop in the Central Plains Corn
Dent corn can be used for this. Feeding livestock
What is a drought? A period of time with little or no rain.
Why is more wheat than corn grown on the Great Plains? The Great Plains is drier with less fertile soil. Not enough precipitation for corn.
What is a blizzard? A snowstorm driven by strong, freezing winds.
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