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Study Guide Words

WordsDate/ Definition/ Term
Date-Hitler invades Poland Sept. 1, 1939
Date-Pearl Harbor bombed Dec. 7,1941
Date-Battle of Midway June 1942
Date-D-Day June 6
Date-V-E May 8
Date-Japan Surrenders August 14, 1945
Benito Mussolini Leader of Italy
Adolf Hitler Leader of Germany
Josef Stanlin Leader of the Soviet Union
Winston Churchill wrote the appeasement
Tojo Leader of Japan
Dwight D. Allies general
Erwin Germany's General
Douglas Mac. Former WWII hero
James Doolittle Led 16 bombers in the attack
Rosie the Riveter an image of a strong women hard at work
Luftwaffe Germany's air force
Axis powers Germany, Italy,and Japan
"The Big Three" Roosevelt, churchill, and stalin
Final Solution Came after Germany's anti-semitic politics
appeasement British and France policy
Blitzkrieg intense military campaign intended to bring victory
Lend-Lease Act provide U.S military aid
Hiroshima and Nagasaki City bombed
Navajo Indians The u.s could use this to crack japans language code
Manhattan Project Top secret program to build an atomic bomb
Fascism a political movement
Allied powers U.S.A, Great Britain, Soviet Union
Nazi party political party founded in Germany
D-Day Details More than 5,000 ships carried soldiers across the English Channle
Yalta Conference to End the war and future Europe
Not under German Controls Britain, France, Great Britain
Turning point in war The victory of the Battle of Midway
Island Hopping Rather than allies taling Japan held islands, allies invaded not heavily defended islands
Japanese internment Japanese Americans were declared a security threat
Invading North Africa To drive Germans out of North Africa
Reason for atomic bombs using atomic bombs instead of their original plan which could cost 200,000 American Casualties
WWII in Europe Stalingrad
Nuremberg Trials people are responsible for their action even in war time
Life affected by war jobs opened, life became easier, Great Depression ended
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