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1.Guerilla Warfare sudden unexpected attacks carried out by an unofficial military group or groups that are trying to change the government by assaults on the armed forces
Exile the state of being barred from one's native country, typically for political or punitive reasons:
Flexible Response Flexible response was a defense strategy implemented by John F. Kennedy in 1961 to address the Kennedy administration's skepticism of Dwight Eisenhower's New Look and its policy of Massive Retaliation.
Executive Order a rule or order issued by the president to an executive branch of the government and having the force of law.
Seek and Destroy Search and Destroy, Seek and Destroy, or even simply S&D, refers to a military strategy that became a large component of the Malayan Emergency and the Vietnam War. The idea was to insert ground forces into hostile territory, search out the enemy, destroy
Vietcong a member of the communist guerrilla movement in Vietnam that fought the South Vietnamese government forces 1954–75 with the support of the North Vietnamese army and opposed the South Vietnamese and US forces in the Vietnam War.
Coup 1 a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government: 2 a notable or successful stroke or move: 3 a contusion caused by contact of the brain with the skull at the point of trauma. Compare with contrecoup. 4 (among North American Indians)
Deferment the action or fact of putting something off to a later time; postponement:
Hawk a person who advocates an aggressive or warlike policy, esp. in foreign affairs. Compare with dove1 ( sense 2).
Dove (1952–), US poet and novelist. The youngest poet and the first African-American woman to hold the post of poet laureate of the US (1993–95), her work includes the Pulitzer Prize–winning book of poems Thomas and Beulah (1986) and the novel Through the Ivor
Counter Culture a way of life and set of attitudes opposed to or at variance with the prevailing social norm:
Silent majority The silent majority is an unspecified large majority of people in a country or group who do not express their opinions publicly.
13. Vietnamization (in the Vietnam War) the US policy of withdrawing its troops and transferring the responsibility and direction of the war effort to the government of South Vietnam.
14. MIAs missing in action.
15. Martial Law the law temporarily imposed upon an area by state or national military forces when civil authority has broken down or during wartime military operations.
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