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French Vocab 2

French Vocab 2 GCSE / A Level

La lucarne Skylight
Le lance-flammes Flamethrower
Le myosotis Forget-me-not
Le phasme Stick-insect
La gentilhommière Small manor house
La fouine Polecat
Le terreau Compost
Le ligne de flottaison Line of floattaison
Le foc Jib sail
L'amarre Painter
Virement de bord Tack (in sailing)
La bruyère Heath
La pince à levier Crowbar
Le caniche Poodle
Le martin-pêcheur Kingfisher
Agacer To irritate
Jeûner To fast
Renseigner To informe
Pondre des œufs To lay eggs
La mutuelle Friendly society / community
a m’embête It annoys me
L'actu / les actus The news [slang]
Un ado An adolescent [slang]
Déduire To deduce
La dernière des dernières The very last one
La der Slang for 'la dernière'
Fréquenter To mingle, to hang out with
Folklorique Weird / wacky [archaic]
Un frigo Slang for 'un réfrigérateur'
Un hosto Slang for 'un hôpital'
Immobilier Property / real estate
Impeccable Terrific
Impec Slang for 'impeccable'
Un imperméable A raincoat
Un imper Slang for 'un imperméable'
Un labo A lab
Le magnétophone Tape recorder
Le magnéto Slang for 'le magnétophone'
Un ordi Slang for 'un ordinateur'
Personnel Personal
Perso Slang for 'personnel'
La philo Slang for 'la philosophie'
Un pneumatique A tyre
Un pneu Slang for 'un pneumatique'
Un pull A sweater [slang for 'un pull-over']
Sensass Slang for 'sensationnel'
Habitation à loyer moderé [HLM] Council houses 'les HLM'
Lycée d'enseignement professionnel [LEP] Vocational high school
Mega octet [Mo] Megabyte
Organisme génétiquement modifié [OGM] GMO Food
Le guard-boue Mudguard (on a bike)
Pédagogique Educational
La niaque Fighting spirit
Endosser To take on / to shoulder (responsibility)
Saccager To wreck / devastate
Viscéral Deep-root
Épargner To save (money, effort)
Assumer To take on / to assume (responsibility, a role e.g.)
Présumer To assume
Débrouiller To untangle / to sort out
Se débrouiller To get by / to cope / to manage
Faillir To almost do something (e.g. to almost miss)
Ficher Formally: to file Informally: to do / to give / to put / to leave
Ignorer To not know (how)
Installer To install / to set up / to put in / to furnish
S'installer To settle / to sit down / to set oneself up
Ne ... que Only
Régaler To treat someone to a meal / to regale someone with a story
Tenir To hold / to keep / to take up/fulfill To keep under control / to run / to manage / to organise (an event)
Trier To sort
Tutoyer To use 'tu'
Vouvoyer To use 'vous'
Falloir To be neccessary / to need
Ce qu'il faut ? What's needed?
Ce sont Replaces 'c'est' when talking about a specific person/idea/thing
Arabophone Speaker of Arabic
Anglophone Speaker of English
Francophone Speaker of French
Néerlandophone Speaker of Dutch
Lusophone Speaker of Portuguese
Russophone Speaker of Russian
Sinophone Speaker of Chinese
Suédophone Speaker of Sweedish
Un apéritif An appetiser
Un digestif An after-dinner drink
Je suis rassasié I'm satisfied (referring to food)
Commander To order
Je vous écoute ? What would you like? [lit: I'm listening to you}
Ça a été ? Was everything OK? (with you meal, e.g.)
L'Hexagone 'The Hexagon' - nickname for France
Le sujet The subject (of a sentence)
Va t'en ! Go away!
Plus lentement SVP More slowly please
Il a un verre dans le nez He's drunk!
Une dizaine About 10
Une douzaine A douzen
Une vingtaine About 20
Une centaine About 100
Ça m’est égal I don't mind / it's all the same to me
Embêtant Annoying
Le maillot de bain Swimming costume
Asiatique Asian
Douvres Dover
Tirer To pull
Le bouchon Cork
Il est exclu que It's out of the question
Le tri Sort
L'espoir Hope
Se fâcher contre To get angry with, to get cross with
Fâcher To anger
Created by: samstyan99