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Unit 12 Study Guide

Why did the U.S. Postal Service honor Oveta Culp Hobby? She was a journalist, business leader, and public servant, she formed and led the Women’s Army Corps (WAC) during World War II. She was appointed the first secretary of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare – 2nd woman to hold a cabinet post.
Which of the following is both a right and a responsibility of Texas citizens? voting for public officials
Why is a free press important to Texas citizens? People need to be informed to make valid decisions.
Use the following information to answer this question: “He was nevertheless capable of immense personal charm, particularly when he was lobbying and brokering backstage in the Washington corridors of power… The name of the U.S. president from Texas is Lyndon B. Johnson
I grew up in Houston, Texas. I was the first African American elected to the Texas State Senate since 1883. I am the first African American woman from a Southern state to serve in the U.S. Congress. I am a member of the congressional Watergate hearings, and was a keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention in 1976.
Which Texas leader is being described above? Barbara Jordan
I served as the Chief of Staff in President Ronald Reagan’s first administration, served as the Chief of Staff for the final year of the administration of President George H. W. Bush, served as Secretary of the Treasury from 1985-1988 in the second Reagan administration, and served as Secretary of State in the George H. W. Bush administration.
Which Texas leader is described above? James A. Baker, III
In the 1970s, conservative Christians, many of whom had sequestered themselves in a distinct subculture, began returning to the cultural mainstream. Initially, they met with only limited success, and many observers ignored their entrepreneurial creativity and strong resolve to change America. Also, few connected evangelicals’ activism in politics with activism in other spheres, even though evangelicals regard these as more important.
According to the author, how has the evangelical movement influenced politics in the last several decades? Evangelical political leaders have incorporated their faith into the way they lead.
Which civil rights leader and native Texan formed the Committee of Racial Equality (CORE) and worked to bring an end to racial segregation in the United States through nonviolent actions like the Freedom Rides? James Farmer, Jr.
How do the actions of Hector Garcia characterize the age of Civil Rights and Conservatism? His founding of the American G.I. Forum led to expanded rights and liberties for Hispanic Americans.
Using the Texas Crude Oil Production, 1935-2010 graph which pair of events is most likely responsible for the peaks in the data? The Korean War and the Vietnam War
Which of the following is a requirement of Texas citizens? to serve on a jury
According to Section 2 of the Texas Bill of Rights, Texans may alter the government so long as – the government stays a representative democracy
Use the following information to answer this question:  Organize individuals with similar concerns  Inform the public and elected officials  Link the state and local political system to the national political system  Bring attention to political candidates who support their concerns  Attempt to influence policy decisions of government officials
The characteristics of the list best reflect the political role of – interest groups
Which of the following statements Is TRUE about the population of the State of Texas over the next 30 years? The ethnic group with the highest percent of the population will change from Anglo to Hispanic.
In relation to the total population of Collin County, what will have happened to the total percent of Anglos between 2000 and 2040? It will have decreased
If you were to create a line graph for the overall population of Collin County, which of the following would be the best description for the data for 2005 – 2040? The line would rise steadily every five years.
The Texas Constitution protects Texans’ “right to a republican form of government.” Which of the following best describes this right? Citizens elect people to the legislature who represent their wishes.
Use the following information to answer this question: I was the District Judge of the 103rd Judicial District, Associate Justice of 13th Court of Appeals, and Associate Justice of the Texas Supreme Court Who is described above? Raul A. Gonzalez, Jr.
The Texas Constitution’s guarantee of freedom of the press benefited the Civil Rights movement in all of the following ways EXCEPT – only the protests that the newspapers favored were covered
Use the following information to answer this question: I was elected El Paso’s first Mexican-American mayor in 1957, making me the first Mexican-American leader of a major American city. I served as Ambassador to Costa Rica under John F. Kennedy. I also served as chairman of the U.S.-Mexican Border Commission in 1967 and as chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for the United States in 1971
Which Texas leader is being described above? Raymond L. Tellas
Created by: sasmith3
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