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Important People

U.S. History to 1877

Kite/lightning experiment Drafter and signer of Declaration of Independence Benjamin Franklin
Headed Sons of Liberty in Massachusetts with Paul Revere Attended First and Second Continental Congress Signed the Declaration of Independence Samuel Adams
First President George Washington
First Secretary of Treasury Proposed a national bank Proposed first taxes and tariffs Alexander Hamilton
Invented cotton gin Established first factory Eli Whitney
Second President First Vice President Signed Declaration of Independence John Adams
Third President Author of Declaration of Independence Supported States' Rights Thomas Jefferson
Fourth President "Father of the Constitution" Wrote Virginia Plan Led US to War of 1812 and concluded the war in 1814 James Madison
Native American chief Fought against removal of Native Americans from Western territories Tecumseh
Fifth President "Era of Good Feelings" Established Monroe Doctrine James Monroe
Nurse who helped mentally ill Established state hospitals for the insane Nurse for Union army Dorthea Dix
Founded American Red Cross Nurse for Union army Clara Barton
Founded first hospital in the South in Richmond, Virginia Sally Tompkins
Sixth President Given presidency even though he didn't win the majority of the votes John Quincy Adams
Vice President to John Q. Adams and Andrew Jackson Champion of states' rights John Calhoun
Seventh President Implemented Spoils System Signed Indian Removal Act Andrew Jackson
Leader of Texas independence Requested Texas become a state in the U.S. (denied by two different Presidents) Sam Houston
Father of the American public school Created first high-quality, no-cost, nondenominational public schooling Horace Mann
Believed slaves should be emancipated immediately, not a gradual approach Believed in equal rights for women and fair treatment of Native Americans William Lloyd Garrison
Escaped slave Published is own newspaper (North Star) Father of American civil rights movement Frederick Douglass
Eighth President Established independent treasury Martin Van Buren
Ninth President fought against Native Americans Nicknamed "Old Tippecanoe" William Henry Harrison
Tenth President Believed in states' rights Helped Texas achieve statehood John Tyler
Eleventh President lowered high rates of tariffs Acquired California Led US into Mexican War James K. Polk
Twelfth President Famous general in Mexican War Opposed spread of slavery Zachary Taylor
Nicknamed "Little Giant" Supported Mexican War Debated Abraham Lincoln Stephen Douglas
Thirteenth President Supported Compromise of 1850 nominated for President by two opposing parties in 1856 (Whigs and Know-Nothings) Millard Fillmore
Fourteenth President Supported spread of slavery Tried to purchase Cuba (failed) Franklin Pierce
Fifteenth President Continued acting as President after Lincoln elected Presided over Dread Scott James Buchanan
Sixteenth President participated in the first presidential debate suspended habeas corpus during Civil War Issued Emancipation Proclamation Abraham Lincoln
Developed 10% plan Gave Gettysburg Address Assassinated Abraham Lincoln
Led march to the sea believed in total war William Tecumseh Sherman
Son of white man and a slave organized school for African Americans Booker T. Washington
slave smuggler and "conductor" of Underground Railroad A freed slave Harriet Tubman
Seventeenth President Vetoed Civil Rights Act (overridden by Congress) Andrew Johnson
Eighteenth President accepted General Lee's surrender Ulysses S. Grant
Nineteenth President won election through compromise of 1877 Rutherford B. Hayes
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