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Present day

AP US History

Bush claimed to be a compassionate conservative and a unite not a divider, why is the false? Withdrew US support from international programs that okayed abortion. Faith-based social welfare programs, opposed stem cell research.
Al Qaeda terrorist network
Taliban Islamic fundamentalists
Why did Bin Laden hate the US so much? Military presence in the Middle East, support for Israel, economic embargo against Hussein
Patriot Act Gave the government extended survliance rights, tapped into phone/email.
On what grounds is pre-emptive war against Iraq ok? Iraq oppressed its own people, frustrating weapon inspectors, developing weapons of mass destruction, and supporting terrorist groups
What error did John Kerrey make in his campaign? he contradicted himself
New Democrats Clinton and Gore wanted to get away from traditional antibusiness, and toward economic success, strong defense
"Don't ask don't tell" Policy that Clinton set in place that quietly accepted gays w/o acknowledging their presence in the military
Brady Bill A gun control law, named after James Brady who was wounded in president Regan's attempted assassination
US action against Serbian leader in Kosovo? Because of ethnic cleansing against the Albanians, US-led NATO forces in an air war against Serbia
Clinton and Monica Lewinsky Had a sexual affair then lied about it under oath, wanted him impeached but didn't get enough votes
Tiananmen Square Thousands of democratic seeking students protested but were crushed by Chinese tanks and armed forces
End of Cold War = end of history Ideological fight for democracy was coming to an end as the regime of USSR fell.
What problems emerged as the Soviet empire fell? question as to who would take over USSR nuclear stockpile, who would honor arms agreement
Why did Saddam Hussein invade Kuwait? Hoping to use its oil rich fields to replenish debts during Iran war
Glasnost Means openness. Aimed to introduce free speech and political liberty in USSR
Perestroika Means reconstructing. Soviets would adopt free market economics like the West.
Moral Majority Preached against sexual permissiveness, abortion, feminism, spread of gar right, They were televangelists.
New right wing movement Focus on social issues, denounced abortion, porn, gay, feminism, and affirmative action
Regan's stance on government, how did he feel about democratic party? depicted big gov as bad, federal intervention in local affairs bad
neoconservatives anti civil right and anti feminism. free market, free from gov restraints, anti soviet, didn't like welfare programs or affirmative action
supply side economics lower individual taxes almost eliminate federal estate taxes and create new tax free savings plan for small investors
Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars) a system of lasers from outer space and destroy soviet nuclear weapons
Funding was longer coming in for the Vietnam war what happens? South Vietnam becomes communism and American troops were evacuated
Title IX prohibited sex discrimination in federally funded programs, girls sports!
Roe v. Wade Legalized abortion, pregnancy protected under right to privacy
Silent Spring Book exposed the effects of pesticides
Saturday Night Massacre Nixon fires a few members of his staff, after Watergate scandal
Nixon Doctrine plan South Vietnam would slowly fight their own war and US would supply only arms and money not men
My Lai massacre American troops killed a whole village, innocent women and children
Kent State incident Because of US invasion on Cambodia riot at Kent State. National guard opened fire
D├ętente Policy to lessen soviet and US tension, make agreement with them
Gideon v. Wainwright Defendants even if poor deserve a defense attorney
Miranda ruling Right to remain silent
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