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Who was Illinois discovered by Marquette and Joliet
When was Illinois discovered 1673
Illinois is named After Illiniwick
Illinois became a state on December 3rd 1818
The first Governor was Shadrach Bond
Illinois first capitol was Kaskaskia
Illinois second capitol was Vandalia
Illinois Current Capitol is Springfield
How many constitutions does Illinois have 4
When was the current constitution ratified December 15th 1970
When did the current constitution go into affect July 1st 1971
List three responsibilities that states have been given by the U.S. constitution State highway construction, Local laws, and Traffic Laws
How many branches of government does Illinois have 3
Name the branches of government Illinois has Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, and Judicial Branch
Explain two ways the Illinois Constitution can be amended 3/5 of constitutional convention, or 3/5 of general assembly
How many counties does Illinois have 102
Define federalism The sharing of the power of government amongst the federal, state, and local governments
What are 4 services provided by municipalities Fire and police protection, cultural and recreational facilities, water and sewer systems, street and sewer systems
what are 5 forms of municipal government Mayor-council, trustee village, commission form, council-manager form, strong mayor form
What form of government does Springfield have Mayor-council form
Which form of government has a professional trained manager to help govern the city Council-manager form
What is the largest unit of local government The County
What three services provided by the counties Enforce laws, prosecute offenders, build and maintain roads
What is an example of a special purpose district Public school district
How many official flags has Illinois had 2
What year did the present flag become the official flag July 1970
what two years appear on the Illinois flag 1868 and 1818
what the importance of 1868 when seal was created
what is the importance of 1818 First Illinois constitution signed
The eagle on the flag holds a banner what does it say it is also out motto State sovereignty, national union
State tree White oak
State flower Violet
State bird Cardinal
State mineral Fluorite
State insect Monarch butterfly
State slogan Land of Lincoln
State song "Illinois"
State animal White-Tailed Deer
State fish Bluegill
State dinosaur The Tully monster
Keeper of the great seal of Illinois Secretary of state
This office has more direct contact with people than any other office Secretary of state
This person may become the governor if the present Governor cannot fulfill his/her duties Lieutenant Governor
The states fiscal control officer Comptroller
Protects Illinois consumers against fraud and rip-offs Attorney general
Gives legal advice to executive officers Attorney general
Issues driver licenses, vehicle plates, and maintains records Secretary of state
The state librarian Secretary of state
This is responsible for the safekeeping and investment of state monies Treasurer
The watchdog of the states money Comptroller
State archivist Secretary of state
What is the term of any executive officer 4 years
How old must you be to be an executive officer 25 years old
How long must you be a resident of the state to be an executive officer 3 years
What are 4 examples of civil administrative code departments Agriculture, Mines safety, Public aid, Education
What are three main functions of the state judicial branch Administer justice, Interprets law and constitution Composed of a system of the state courts
What court is lowest and has original jurisdiction Circuit court
What court is second highest and has appellate jurisdiction. Appellate court
Which court is the highest and has both jurisdictions Supreme court
What is the term of a circuit court judge 6 year term
What is the term of a appellate judge 10 year term
What is the term of a supreme court judge 10 year term
What court is the true trial court Circuit court
How many judges are on the Illinois supreme court 7
What are three qualifications to be a state court judge Citizen, licensed attorney of state, resident of district which elected in
Explain how a judge can be re-elected Without opposition voters vote yes or no if 3/5 judge must be replaced
Can a judge hold any other job or position while serving the state no
What are 3 qualifications to be Governor 25 years old, resident of state for three years, must be a citizen
Who is first in the line of succession Lieutenant Governor
Who is Second in the line of succession Attorney general
Who is third in the line of succession Secretary of state
What is the chief job of the executive branch Enforces and administrates law
Who is the chief executive of the state government The Governor
Define pardon To forgive person of crimes
Define reprieve Delay carrying out of criminal sentence
Define commutation Shorten a criminal sentence
Who has the power in state government to grant pardons, reprieves, and commutations The Governor
Who is the commander-in-chief of the state militia The Governor
How long is the term of a governor 4 years
Define regular veto Like President veto in which whole bill is rejected list of reasons why it was rejected
Define item veto To veto only part of appropriations bill
Define amendatory veto If the Governor notes specific recommendations the house can pass the bill simply by accepting recommendation
For a bill to become law it must past what and signed by who both houses and Governor
To override a Governors veto it takes a vote of 3/5
For a bill to pass the general assembly it must it must get what vote Majority
How many calender days the Governor have to decide about bill 60
If governor fails to sign within 60 days what happens Automatically becomes law
Define Lobby Organized groups who seek to influence lawmakers
One way a lobby is good for the law making process They do a service of informing lawmakers
One way lobbies have been proven to be a bad influence Some instances they can exert too much influence
Can a senator serve as the lieutenant governor at the same time no
Created by: ProffezerX
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