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Unit 4

4.01 - 4.04

the diagonal grain of a fabric is: bias
what is true about wool? warmest of all natural fibers
knitted fabrics are constructed by: looping yarns
which is a twill weave? denim
thickness or diameter of a fiber is =: denier
symmetrical arrangements refer to: formal balance
wearing straight silhouettes help the person to appear: taller
elements of design: color, line, shape, and texture
short people should avoid: horizontal lines
someone who doesn't like attention should wear: earth tones
elisa's mother is 5' tall. What department should she shop? petite
the least expensive most commonly purchased jewelry is: costume
the most expensive jewelry is: fine
urbanwear is also known as: streetwear
apparel for babies and toddlers age 3 and under is: infants
girls and boy apparel in pre-school and grade-school is: childrens
which department would you visit if you were interested in finding belts, jewelry, etc? accessories
apparel for pregnant women is classified as: maternity
a physically fit man who swims/runs regularly would most likely buy from which category? athletic cut
a pair of men's pants are sized as 34" x 36". what does the 34" represent? waist
Created by: brooklynsimme
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