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Coming Civil War

American/MS Studies: Division

Who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin? Harriet Beecher Stowe
Name the 3 political parties of the Presidential election of 1848. Whigs, Democrats, Free Soil
Why did southerners fear California entering the Union as a free state? upset the balance of free and slave states
What does secede mean? withdraw or leave
Who won the Presidential election of 1848 for the Whig party? Zachary Taylor
What might a southerner call the book Uncle Tom's Cabin? propaganda
Name the method used to determine slavery in the Kansas and Nebraska territories. popular sovereignty
What state was Stephen Douglas a Senator from? Illinois
What was the nickname for Kansas because of the bitter fighting over slavery? Bleeding Kansas
What was the right that would be protected after the Dred Scott decision? Property Rights
Who was the Supreme Court Chief of Justice during the Dred Scott Case? Roger B. Taney
Who was John Brown? Abolitionist that raided Harper's Ferry
What was the main platform of the Republican Party? Not to allow slavery in the new Western Territories
Describe Lincoln's view on African-Americans. Felt they were not socially or politically equals. However, did have the rights stated in the Declaration of Independence.
What was Lincolns stand on the Union? It needed to be preserved above all else.
What did the Kansas-Nebraska Act do to the Missouri Compromise? Missouri Compromise was voided because of Popular Sovereignty being used to decide the issue of slavery.
Who won the Presidential Election of 1856? James Buchanan
Why did Dred Scott claim he was no longer enslaved? He had lived in states where slavery was illegal.
Who said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand.?" Abraham Lincoln
What position did Stephen Douglas take on slavery? voters should decide
What was John Brown's goal on the raid of Harper's Ferry? To capture arms and start a slave revolt.
What fort was attacked that marks the beginning of the Civil War? Fort Sumter
Who was named President of the Confederate States? Jefferson Davis
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