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Marissa Russo

Chapter 12 & 13 Review

this is a political idea for the pulling away from the world affairs and country keeping to themselves isolation
this is the prejudice against foreign born people that sweeps the nation nativism
an economic system no private property the need of the many out way the needs of the individual communism
this is a political idea that opposes any form of government anarchists
Mitchell Palmer and Hoover hunt down communist and anachist Palmer raids
this is the fear of communism the fear of foreigners it ruins reputation and wrecks lives red scare
these two Italian immigrants and anarchist were arrested and charged with robbery and murder and executed Sacco and Vanzetti
this sets a maximum number of immigrants that can enter the U.S. from each country the quota system
during the 1920s Japanese immigrantion was.. denied
immigration from the western hemisphere was.. unaffected
the president was from ohio he voiced and described his cabinet was corrupt Warren G. Harding
John L. Lewis who was he.. He was a coal miner- National hero
this was a corrupt group of friends made fun of president ohio gang
this was a scandal where navil oil was used for personal game teapot dome scandel
this was Warren G. Harding vice president then became president Calvin Coolidge
this is the spread of cities so the people can live farther from work Urban Sprawl
List four advantages of the car.. urban sprawl go farther helped businesses tourism
explain how appliances helped women made them independent
advertising agencies hired these to learn how to appeal product to public Psychologist
this is the pay for goods over time installment plan
explain what superficial prosperity Spending money you dont have
18th amendment Prohibition
hitting saloons in night clubs speak easy
these people take alcohol from other countries bootleggers
this man controlled most of chicagos liquor business by killing competitors Al Capone
Fundamentalism rejectd teaching of.. evolution
scopes trial... John T. Scopes taught evolution in the classroom
Slutty women dressed in short skirts go to bars Flapper
William Jennings Bryan Supported scopes trial and Fundamentalism
double standard things women cant do but men can
influential forms of media the radio newspaper magazines
what was the most influential form of media the radio
this man made the first solo airplane flight across the ocean; what ocean and his name Atlantic ocean Charles Linderbergh
Georgia O' Keefee who was she and why is she influential an artist who painted modern art(primarly new york sky line)
F. Scott Fitzgerald who was it he wrote the Great Gatsby
first american to win nobel peace prize in literature Sinclair Lewis
hundreds of african americans moved to the U.S called the great migration
this group emerged for equal rights of african americans the NAACP
NAACP stands for the national association for the advancement colored people
the man founded the universal negro improvement association and he believed that African Americans should go back to Africa to build their own community Marcus Garvey
a lounge lizard walks into a bar and buys some giggle water for a flapper because he thought she had nice gams translate.. a man walks into a bar and buys some alcohol for a girl because he thought she had nice legs
Created by: marissa.russo