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Omnibus 2 Secondary

Semester 2

Cuthbert The young hero in Winning his Spurs, Becomes the Earl of Evesham, is very heroic and Christ-like, nearly perfect, wins Margaret's hand, is the squire of the Earl of Evesham, is also very smart.
Cnut An outlawed archer who is the leader of other outlawed yeomen in England, he is good friends with Cuthbert and goes to fight in the Crusades with Cuthbert.
Earl of Evesham The Father of Lady Margaret, is the mentor to Cuthbert and dies and gives his land and daughter to Cuthbert.
Lady Margaret The daughter of the Earl of Evesham, the playmate of Cuthbert. Is the damsel in distress In the book Winning His Spurs and is rescued and then marries Cuthbert.
Saladin The emperor of the Saracens and is a Muslim. He was an enemy who was kind and just.
Philip The king of France in the book Winning His Spurs he was an ally with King Richard, and got angred very easily. Cuthbert found favor in his eyes.
Richard the Lionheart The king of England at the time of the crusades and he was a just, kind man, but also very stubborn. Broke the alliance with France by marrying a princess who was not the princess of France. He was a good general but not a good king.
King John The younger brother of king Richard and he tried to take the throne while Richard was away at the crusades. He was not a good king and was also cruel.
Frodo The hobbit in The Lord of the Rings who is the ringbearer and is to bring the ring to Mount Doom to be destroyed
Sam The servant of Frodo who helps him get the ring to Mount Doom and is also full of courage and love for his master and also for gardens and food.
Aragorn The rightful king of Gondor who comes south with the company from the Fellowship. He is very wise and just and puts his people's needs ahead of his own.
Moria The mines in which Gandalf is killed while fighting the balrog when the fellowship is heading to Mordor
Treebeard One of the oldest ents in the forest of Rohan. He helps Pippin and Merry and then arouses the other ents to take on Saruman.
Theoden The king of Rohan and he is also the uncle of Eowyn and Eomer and he dies in battle in the Return of the King outside the walls of Gondor after being crushed by his horse
Faramir The son of Denethor and the brother of Boromir, he does all he can to get his father's approval and is almost burned to death by his crazy father. He was struck with an arrow of the orcs and was breathed on by the Black Breath
Gollum/Smeagol The two-faced creature whose only loyalty is to the Ring. He gets Sam and Frodo into tight messes and then is the one at the end of The Return of the King who destroys the ring and Frodo's finger with it.
Gondor The country closest to Mordor and is affected by the ring first. Isildur died many, many years before and has been in the care of the stewards until Aragorn comes back to his rightful throne.
Mordor The region of Sauron and is worse than a desert. There are hardly any living things there and it dark, desolate, and stony. The further in you go, the worse it gets.
Grima Wormtongue In the Two Towers, Grima is the council of Theoden and he speaks so smoothly that Theoden is an old man and is about to have Eowyn marry him and then he would be the heir of the throne. Was also a slave to Saruman.
Riders of Rohan The group of riders who ride with Aragorn and who come to the aid of Theoden and help him defeat Saruman.
Nazgul The black riders who are now mounted on flying creatures and are the 9 to whom the rings for men were given. They are fully devoted to Sauron. One is killed by Eowyn and Merry.
Ent The tree-like people in the Two Towers who are loyal to what is good and have an old score to settle with Sauron and Saruman. They help the hobbits get to Isengard and there help them defeat Saruman and Grima Wormtounge
Shelob The giant spider who tries to kill Frodo and Sam but they use Sting and they severely wound her. She and Gollum have a kind of alliance.
Minas Tirith The fortress right outside of of Mordor and it has been taken over by sauron's orcs and they use it as a guard before anything is able to enter Mordor
Men of the Mountains They are stone like creatures who have been hunted by men, but they are actually men, not beasts. Also they help Aragorn when he was on his way to the paths of the dead.
Paths of the Dead A path that no one dared to enter because there were spirits there who were not resting in peace. Aragorn took this path and this is how Strider basically "dies" and he was able to command those who were there because he is the rightful king.
Denethor The mad Steward of Gondor who tried to take on Sauron via the palantir. He nearly burned Faramir alive and then he burned himself alive while clutching the palantir.
Barad-dur The Tower where Sauron is reforming and where the lidless eye searches for the Ring.
Beragond A member of the guard who shows Pippin around Gondor and teaches him to be a servant of Denethor. He saves Faramir in the end by breaking the rules of the Guard and then is promoted to Captain.
Eowyn The beautiful daughter of Theoden who pretends to be the soldier Dernhelm and ends up killing the Lord of the Nazgul and getting injured and then falls in love with Faramir.
Eomer The Son of Theoden who becomes the king of Rohan after Theoden dies. Goes off to fight in the war with Aragorn and his men.
Kingsfoil The healing herb that Aragorn uses to heal Faramir, Eowyn, and Merry in the houses of healing.
Henry V The King of England in Shakespeare's Henry V and he is a great king who encourages his men and motivates his men very well. He also gave the famous St. Crispin's day speech.
Richard II The King of England before Henry IV killed him and took over. He was a ruthless king, and started the Hundred Years War.
Llewellyn The Scottish man who was a friend of Henry's from before he was king. He also made Pistol eat a leek to prove his manhood.
Pistol Another friend of Henry's before he became king. He was forced to eat a leek to prove his manhood to Llewellyn.
Agincourt The place where King Henry gave his famous St. Crispin's day speech and then went and slaughtered all the French and won the war.
Katherine The French Princess that King Henry ends up wooing and marrying towards the end of Henry V
Hundred Years War The war that lasted for one hundred sixteen years and was started to because the French and English both wanted the throne of England.
War of the Roses The war that was fought between the houses of Lancaster and York because they both wanted the throne.
Tetrology A series of four books or plays that span over a period of time.
Shakespeare The author of Henry V and Richard III. He wrote to please his audiences so he often exaggerated on his plays.
Richard III The King who murdered off his brothers and nephews and any other competition so that he could be king. He was an awful king, and his last words were "A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!"
Queen Margaret Last queen from the house of Lancaster. Widow of Henry VI. Every now and then she appears and curses the house of York.
George, Duke of Clarence The middle brother of Richard III and the one who is almost always forgotten.
Lancastrians The people of Lancaster who fought for the throne of France.
Yorkists the people of York who fought for the Frenchies to have the throne of England.
Buckingham Richard III's right hand man in Richard III by Shakespeare. He mostly supports Richard III in all his murdering. In the end, Richard kills him. (big surprise)
Queen Elizabeth Character in Shakespeare’s Richard III. First queen of York. Sister-in-law of Richard III and is accused of being a witch.
Paul The Author of Ephesians who was in prison when he wrote it. He was a very active apostle throughout the church planting, discipling and spreading the gospel.
Ephesus The place which was one of the main trading ports in the Mediterranean, and was also the pagan capital of the world because of the temple to Artemis.
In "Winning His Spurs," What two ethnic groups resided in England, and how do they interact? The two ethnic groups that reside in England during "Winning his Spurs" are the Normans and the Saxons, and they fought a lot because Normans “bullied” the Saxons.
Who attempts to take the throne of England while Richard is away fighting in the Crusades? Prince John, the brother of Richard attempts to take the throne of England while Richard is away fighting in the crusades.
How did Henry IV become king? Henry IV took the throne unlawfully from Richard II because he thought that he should be the rightful king.
What was the Hundred Years War? The Hundred Years War was one hundred sixteen years and it was about who was the rightful king of England.
What happened at the Battle of Agincourt? Henry V was outnumbered 5 to 1 and so he gives his famous St. Crispin's day speech which motivates his men and then they go out and slaughter all the Frenchies.
What are Richard's final lines in Richard III? Richard's final lines in Richard III are "A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!"
What does Paul mean by "mystery"? Paul means something that was hidden and has been revealed when he means mystery.
In Ephesians, How is the church like a body? The church is like a body because we are all to take care of our body and we are all to take care of the church. Also we are to be unified like the body is one, and we also are to be one.
Who is Saruman? Whose side is he on? Saruman is a wizard who started out as good and then after studying the dark side too long, he joined Sauron's side.
At the end of the Two Towers, what does Sam learn by listening to the Orcs? Sam learns that Frodo isn't going to die, but he is wanted alive by Sauron. Also, they think that Sam is some great elf-warrior.
What does Gandalf hope Sauron will think when they attack? What is his strategy? Gandalf hopes that Sauron will think that they are attacking Mordor because they have the Ring and think they can take over Mordor. He hopes to cause a diversion so that Sam and Frodo can reach Mount Doom without further hindrance.
Where was Paul when he wrote Ephesians? Paul was in prison in Rome when he wrote the letter to the Ephesians.
What unique, kingly power does Aragorn learn he possesses? Aragorn learns that he possesses the kingly power to heal those who have been injured in the battle.
In the "Return of the King," what oath had the Men of the Mountains made? What was the result of the breaking of that oath? they had made a promise to Isildur to fight Sauron, but then they didn't fulfill the promise, so Isildur cursed their spirits to not rest until they fulfilled their promise.
Created by: BDuShaw
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