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Chapter10 studyguide

study guide

where did the Reconquista take place? How did it affect Muslims Spain- Muslims lost land in Spain as a result of the religious persecution by Christians
What did the effect of the capture of Jerusalem by Seljuk Turks? Christians Pilgrims could longer safely travel to Jerusalem
What was the main purpose of the smaller Crusades that took place after the first Three Crusades? Poor people and children wanted to regain control of Jerusalem. They were not military Crusades
Why did Pope Urban II call for the Christians to begin a religious war with Muslims? The Pope was asked by the Byzantine Emperor for help to fight off the Seljuk Turks
What is Salah al-Din known for? He re-conquered most of Palestine for the Muslims
What was the goal of Christians during the Crusades? The goal was to gain control of Jerusalem from the Muslims
Why is Jerusalem important to Christians, Jews, and Muslims? Christians – It is where Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead Jews – It is land promised to them by God and where they built their great temple Muslims – It is where Muhammad ascended to heaven during his Night Journey
Who created Christian kingdoms in the Middle East during the Crusades? The winners of the First Crusade
What was the purpose of the Spanish Inquisition? Describe the positive and negative affects of the Crusades on Christians, Muslims, and Jews
Describe the positive and negative affects of the Crusades on Christians, Muslims, and Jews Positives Negatives Jews None Death Destruction Anti-Semitism5 Lost trading businesses
Describe the positive and negative affects of the Crusades on Christians, Muslims, and Jews Positives Negatives Christians Learned new food, clothes, Death Ideas, and products High Taxes Merchants got rich Monarchs got more powerful Banking established
Describe the positive and negative affects of the Crusades on Christians, Muslims, and Jews Positives Negatives Muslims Learned new weapons and Death Military strategy Destruction Merchants got rich Lost land Built mosques United Muslims
Who conquered the Byzantine Empire? The Ottomans
How did the Mongol Invasions change the culture in Asia? Many Mongols converted to Islam. That brought peace to their empire
The Mughal Empire spread Islam to what part of the world? The Mughal Empire spread Islam to India
How did the Crusades strengthen the power of Monarchs in Europe? The Nobles and Knights left to fight in the Crusades. That left the monarchs in complete control of the kingdoms
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