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Chapter 11

Minnesota Studies

Industrialization The process of developing large scale, mechanical factories.
Industry A specific branch of business that provides a certain product or service.
Industrialist An owner, manager, or investor in a large business.
Bushel A unit of measure for agricultural crops that equals 1.25 cubic feet.
Iron ore Rock or mineral from which iron can be removed.
Charles Pillsbury Flour milling industrialist.
Frederick Weyerhaeuser Lumber industrialist.
Henry Oliver Iron ore industrialist.
Alfred Merrit Discovered iron ore in the Mesabi Range.
Mesabi Ojibwe word meaning "giant".
Andrew Carnegie Steel mill industrialist that invested in Minnesota's iron ore.
John D. Rockefeller Railroad industrialist that invested in Minnesota's iron ore.
Bonanza Farm An extremely large farm that grew only one crop, usually wheat.
Steel Rollers Machine used in large scale production of flour.
Middlings Purifier Machine used to purify flour in the milling process.
White Pine Tree prized for its high quality lumber.
Lumberjack Dangerous job of cutting down trees and hauling them away.
Falls of St. Anthony Natural resource responsible for the flour industry booming in Minneapolis.
Packing Flour One of few mill jobs open to woman.
Resource Market Households give labor in exchange for wages.
Product Market Households give money in exchange for goods and services.
Mill City Nickname given to Minneapolis for its massive flour production.
Lake Superior Natural resource responsible for the iron ore industry booming.
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