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5th Gr Chap8L1+2

5th Grade Chapter 8 Lessons 1 and 2

Key ItemDefinition
Veto Reject
Rule of Law The principle that every member of a society, even a ruler, must follow the law.
arsenal weapons storehouse
Gouverneur Morris American leader who helped write the US Constitution.
federal system A system of government in which the power to govern is shared by the national and the state governments.
amendment A change in the US Constitution
justice a judge on the Supreme Court
compromise To give up some of what you want in order to reach an agreement.
Congress A formal meeting of government representatives. It is made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate.
George Wasington He was nominated president of the Constitutional Convention.
Roger Sherman He was a judge from Connecticut. He proposed what became known as the Great Compromise. It combines the New Jersey and the Virginia Plan.
Philadelphia The location of the Constitutional Convention.
Senator A person in Congress that is elected by the citizens, two from each state, 6 year term.
Legislative Branch Article 1 of the Constitution, law making branch of the government. Power to raise an army and navy, coin and print money, declare war, and create laws to control trade and commerce.
impeach to accuse a government official of a crime.
Republic A form of government in which people choose representatives to participate in the government for them.
separation of powers The division of powers among the three branches of the national government.
Electoral college A group chosen by citizens to vote for the president
bill A new idea for a law.
Daniel Shays He was the leader of a farmers rebellion in Massachusetts. It is this rebellion that led people to believe we need a new and stronger government.
James Madison Known as the Father of the Constitution. He helped plan and write the US Constitution.
judicial branch Article 3 of the Constitution. It is the branch that judges the laws. The highest court is the Supreme Court. They have the power to get rid of a law if it doesn't follow the Constitution.
William Paterson He is the New Jersey delegate to the Constitutional Convention who submitted the New Jersey Plan in which the smaller states would have an equal say with the larger population states.
Edmund Randolph He is the Virginia delegate who proposed the Virginia Plan in which representation in government would be based on population.
preamble an introduction, first part
Representatives They are the members of the House of Representatives, the number of each from a state is based on population.
Supreme Court It is the highest court in the United States. There are nine justices on the Supreme Court. It is their job to determine the constitutionality of the laws.
Created by: Mrs. Hastings