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The first Portuguese explorer to make it around the tip of Africa Bartolomeu Dias
Died thinking he had reached Asia Christopher Columbus
The explorer who was the first to make it around Arica and find a trade route with Asia Vasco de Gama
The new style of ship that the Portuguese and Prince Henry developed Caravel
What are at least 3 causes of European exploration? tales from travelers, growth of towns and trade, charts of the coastlines, more accurate maps, translations of books
What are at least 3 effects of European exploration? interest in new places, desire to trade with other countries, better knowledge of geography, safer travel, long-distance travel
Whos visits to China sparked European's imagination? Marco Polo
What is a monopoly? Having complete control over one industry and being able to control the price
Who had a monopoly over trade? Italian City States
What were three reasons why Europeans wanted to start exploring? Spread Christianity, Discover new land, find a trade route with Asia
List at least three reasons why the Spanish were able to conquer the Aztec Smallpox, better weapons, neighboring tribes
List at least two reasons why the Spanish were able to conquer the Inca Civil War, better weapons
Put these people's accomplishments/events in order: Christopher Columbus, Dias, Marco Polo, Inca Conquered, Vasco de Game, Prince Henry, Aztec Conquered Marco Polo, Prince Henry, Dias, Vasco de Gama, Christopher Columbus, Aztec, Inca
With all the money that is being made from trade in Italy, what big event does this lead to? The Renaissance
Created by: 7thWorldStudies
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