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Unit II: Migration

American History II

What territorial purchase opened westward migration? Louisiana Purchase
What idea facilitated settling of the west? Manifest Destiny
Identify 1 economic reason for moving west? panic of 1873 or trading opportunities in the west or seeking financial wealth
Why did African Americans migrate west? escape racism or live the American Dream or leave the South
What was the social impact of westward migration? influx of immigrant groups, rise of American citizenship, spread of American culture
What was the political impact of westward migration? creation of new states
What was the economic impact of westward migration? trade w/ foreign markets in the pacific ocean or increased trade b/w east and west coast
Explain the purpose of the Homestead Act of 1862? give settlers 160 acres of land to improve upon for 5 years
What were some of the hazards living in the west? Indians or weather or environment
What was the impact of railroad expansion and availability of cheap land on the cattle industry in the west? increased demand for beef, railroad, and competition for land
Explain the purpose of the Pacific Railroad Act of 1862? build a transcontinental railroad linking east and west
How did westward migration impact Native Americans? killed off the buffalo which was a source of food, shelter and clothing; led to climate change; Indian wars b/c of land and mineral resources
Identify the Indian battles that occurred in 1864, 1876, and 1890? Sand Creek Massacre, Little Bighorn, and Wounded Knee
How did reservations and the Dawes Act impact Native Americans? Reservations: removal from traditional land, forced to assimilate and Dawes Act: divide reservation lands to force Native peoples to become independent farmers and assimilate
Created by: SEarCH13-14