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History 5 Ch 14

What are the 5 peninsulas of Europe? Balkan, Apanine, Iberian, Jutland, Scandinavian
What country is on the Balkan peninsula? Greece
What country is on the Apanine peninsula? Italy
What country is on the Iberian peninsula? Spain
What country is on the Jutland peninsula? Denmark
What country is on the Scandinavian peninsula? Norway
What are bullfighters called? Matadors
What is a rebirth? Renaissance
What is a stretch of high land that separates river basins? Divide
What are the Protestants in France called? Huguenots
What is a person called who believes that a country's businesses and industries should be taken away from the individuals? Socialist
What is a nation called if it doesn't fight in wars? Neutral
A country that is surrounded by land is... Landlocked
What was Hitler's group (the Nazi's)? The National Socialist Party
What is a long narrow inlet of the sea with high rocky banks? Fjord
What is the Russian word for marshy plain? Tundra
What is permanently frozen ground called? Permafrost
What is the point where trees cannot grow due to the cold? Timber Line
The huge swamp south of Seville, Spain Tidelands
Formed by the rock of Gibraltar and a similar mountain in Northern Africa. Pillars of Hercules
A special kind of oak - it's bark is harvested every 10 years Cork
A form of government that allows private property, but takes away people's freedom. Fascism
A French movement that rebelled against authority and promoted humanism. Enlightenment
A dam-like barrier made of earth and stone. Dikes
Wooden shoes worn by Dutch farmers Klompen
A temporary shelter made of ice blocks Igloo
Who conquered Mexico for Spain? Cortes
First man to sail around the world Magellan
First European to travel all the way across Asia Marco Polo
Discovered the St. Lawrence River Jacques Cartier
taught the importance of protecting the body from harmful germs Louis Pasteur
Preached and taught in Switzerland John Calvin
The Father of Modern Music J.S. Bach
Wrote about the life of Jesus in "The Messiah" Handel
Wrote music even after losing his hearing Beethoven
Spain's most famous writer Cervantes
the first European to sail to India by going around Africa Vasco de Gama
famous for painting the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper Leonardo da Vinci
famous for painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and for sculpting David and Moses Michelangelo
Italian who was one of the founders of modern science Galileo
Italy's fascist dictator during World War II Mussolini
known for the discovery of radium Marie Curie
a young French peasant girl who helped win a great victory Joan of Arc
ruthless French dictator who tried to conquer the world Napolean Bonaparte
World War II hero who later became the president of France's 5th republic Charles de Gaulle
legendary hero of Swiss Independence William Tell
founded the International Red Cross Clara Barton
the leader of the Nazis Hitler
perhaps the greatest scientific genius of the twentieth century Einstein
the "Father of Dutch Liberties" William the Silent
country known for windmills, tulips and the Hague Holland
country known for matadors, the Meseta, oranges and olives Spain
country known for gondolas,Leaning Tower of Pisa, Renaissance Italy
country known for the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Louvre France
country known for cheese, chocolates, watches, music boxes Switzerland
"Land of the Midnight Sun" Norway
"Land of Fire and Ice" Iceland
country known for the Bavarian Alps, Black Forest Germany
What is Europe's highest active volcano and Mainland Europe's only active volcano? Mt Vesuvius
What 2 large islands are located off the coast of Italy? Sicily and Sardinia
What is the name of the independent state located within the city of Rome and what church is headquartered here? Vatican City and the Roman Catholic Church
Name 2 famous Italian composers Verdi and Puccini
Name 2 famous Dutch painters Rembrandt and Vermeer
What group of people from England lived for a time in the Netherlands before coming to the New World? Dutch
Who were the fierce warriors living in Scandinavia during the Middle Ages? Vikings
Which country extends farther north than any other Western European country? Norway
Which is the largest Scandinavian country? Sweden
What is the world's largest island? What Scandinavian country owns it? Greenland and Sweden
What is Europe's most mountainous country? Italy
Which country is one of Europe's oldest republics? France
During World War I, who led Germany? Wilhelm
What alliance did Germany belong to during World War I? Central Powers
What were the countries fighting against Germany in World War I called? Allies
During WWII, who led Germany? Hitler
What alliance did Germany belong to in WWII Axis
What were the countries fighting against Germany in WWII called? Allies
Which German city was divided after WWII? Berlin
What are Europe's 3 main language groups? English, Spanish, French
What language is not a part of the 3 main language groups? German
What are the 2 international languages? English and Spanish
What do we call the part of the New World where Spanish and Portuguese are spoken? Spain
What language which is no longer spoken formed the basis for the Romance languages? Latin
Europe's largest mountain range Alps
highest peak in Europe Mt Elbrus
highest peak in the Alps Mt Blanc
the mountain peak expert climbers like to challenge Matterhorn
Europe's most important inland waterway The Rhine
Created by: annajordan
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