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Chap 11 Industrial R

industry, reform, annexation and boomtown

textile cloth or fabric
interchangeable parts parts made by a machine to be exactly the same size and shape
mass production making many products all at once
productivity the amount of goods and services produced by workers in a certain amount of time
What did Eli Whitney do to manufacture guns more quickly and cheaply? He used interchangeable parts and mass production to make his guns.
What invention increased the production of cotton from 1790-1830? cotton gin
entrepreneur a person who takes a risk to start a business
How did the work day change for many people during the Industrial Revolution? They began working in factories where they did the same job/task all day!!! YUCK
famine widespread shortage of food
Why did Irish immigrants usually stay in northeastern cities, while most Germans moved to the Midwest? the Irish had little money, while the Germans had saved more money
reform an action that makes something better (antislavery and temperance)
temperance means controlling or cutting back on the drinking of alcohol
injustice the unfair treatment that abuses a person's rights (women expected to be silent in public meetings)
Why did women's reformers decide to start a movement to protect their rights? The realized they faced many injustices as a women.
Name two leaders in the reform movement for women. Elizabeth C. Stanton and Susan B. Anthony
What crime did Susan B. Anthony commit? she voted
annexation the act of joining two countries or pieces of land together!
manifest destiny a belief that the United States should spread across the entire North American continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific
Why did Mexico pass laws to stop Americans from settling in Texas? some of the settlers owned SLAVES and this was against Mexican Law!
front were fighting takes place in a war
cession something (like land) that is given up
What were the agreements under the Treaty of Guadalupe? 1. U.S. allowed to annex Texas 2. Rio Grande is the border between Texas and Mexico
Who was Sam Houston? a solider and the leader of the Texan army and the 1st president of the Republic of Texas
wagon trail a line of covered wagons that moved together
forty-niner a miner that went to California around 1849
gold rush takes place when many people hurry to the same area to look for gold
boomtown a town where the population booms or grows very quickly
Why did people set out on the Oregon Trail? they wanted to find good, inexpensive land
What did the Oregon Trail allow settlers to do? cross the Rocky Mountains from Missouri to Oregon by wagon
Who lived in the boomtowns? miners, merchants, bankers, and innkeepers...
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