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Vietnam 1961 to 1974

Presidency, Population 18-35, cold war diplomacy

What was the condition of the American Population's faith in government through the Vietnam years? It shatters the American faith in government. It creates the conditions that makes the rise of Reagan conservatism possible.
What did Dwight Eisenhower talk about as a reason to stop the spread of communism? The Domino theory which basically stated that if a country in a particular regions falls, the rest of them will fall to communism.
What was the Gulf of Tokin incident and what was Congress's reaction to it? The incident was a group of torpedo boats from Vietnam that attacked American ships. The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution gave Johnson the ability to wage a broader war in Vietnam.
What countries did Johnson consider approaching to affect the Vietnam war? The Soviet Union and China
What is the Nixon Doctrine? The Nixon Doctrine indicates that nations will be given financial aid, but be expected to battle with their own troops.
What did the Pentagon Papers do? They revealed a deception on the part of the executive branch throughout the Vietnam War.
What is the War Powers Act passed by Congress? The War Powers act curtails the president's ability to commit U.S. forces in hopes of scaling back an imperial presidency.
What are the statistics on those people 18 and 35 during the Vietnam Era? 58,000 are killed, 300,000 are wounded and countless other lives are changed due to war.
What was the March on Washington? 40,000 Americans marched in protest on the escalation of the Vietnam War.
What types of values and attitudes does the Vietnam War cause American's to question? It cast doubts on many of the country's core beliefs, it questions the morality of our behaviors, and the United States as an exception as the beacon of freedom in the world.
What does the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) report? Conscription mostly fell upon the poor and minorities. The group calls for a withdraw from Vietnam.
What do University of Wisconsin students request and why? They request that Dow chemical be banned from campus because they are the producers of napalm.
What happens at Kent State? Four students are killed during demonstrations protesting the Vietnam War.
What is the view of Vietnam in the eyes of United States Cold War Diplomacy? Vietnam is viewed as vital to security and international credibility.
What is the reality of Vietnam in the eyes of the world? Vietnam alienates the United States from its allies and it discredits the United States military.
What is Nixon's plan to force Vietnam to the negotiating table? Nixon orders the bombing of targets in and around Hanoi and Haiphong and declares that no part of North Vietnam shall be spared the B52's bombs.
What happened at Dien Bien Phu? In 1954 the French army was beaten by the Vietcong that ended French rule there.
What was the purpose of Agent Orange for use in Vietnam? Use begins in 1962, Agent Orange is a jungle defoliant that causes cancer.
Where and when are the first protests about Vietnam? 1962 in New York and Philadelphia
What happens to the dictator Diem in 1963? He is killed in a military coup that is tacitly supported by the United States.
When does the Gulf of Tonkin incident take place? August 2, 1964 with a second incident on August 4
What is Operation Rolling Thunder? February 1965, this marks the beginning of continuous air raids over North Vietnam that goes on for three years.
When do the first United States combat troops arrive? 1965
When is the March on Washington? 1965
When is the first "teach in" that features seminars, rallies, and speeches. 1965, held at the University of Michigan.
What does the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) issue its report? 1966
Who commissions that Pentagon papers and when? Secretary of Defense McNamara in 1967
What does Dr. Martin Luther King profess about the Vietnam War? In 1967 he claims that the United States is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world and calls on antiwar and civil rights groups to resist the draft.
When do Wisconsin students demand that Dow Chemical recruiters not be allowed on campus? 1967
What year is the Tet offensive launched? 1968
What and when is the My Lai Massacre? It is in March of 1968 where American troops massacred men, women, and children in the village of My Lai.
What happens in 1969 that is a secret to the nation? The bombing of Cambodia beings in attempts to destroy supply lines of the Vietcong.
When does the policy of Vietnamization begin? 1969
How does Nixon rekindle antiwar protests in 1970? He announced that U.S. forces have invaded Cambodia.
In 1970, what does Nixon start to do that will eventually led to his resignation? He begins to expand domestic intelligence agencies to gather information about his political opponents.
When is the Kent State incident? 1970
When are the Pentagon Papers published? The deception of the militay and the administration is published in 1971. The Supreme Court denies a motion filed by Nixon to stop publication.
What year is the expanding bombing of North Vietnam done to force them to the negotiating table? 1972
When does the Watergate break in occur? 1972
When does the draft end? 1973
What year is the War Powers Act passed? 1973
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